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5 Songs I Love w/ PASES

Following the release of their new single 'Murderess', we caught up with alternative duo PASES to find out more about the music they love and why. Check out their hand picked tracks below and if you're a fan, you'll be sure to love PASES' sound and their track 'Murderess'.

Rain - Grandson

This song instantly struck us as amazing as soon as it came out. That drop into the verse at about the thirty second mark has yet to fail at giving us serious ‘stank face’… Just insane. Plus obviously the size of that chorus with the soaring vocals from Grandson and Jessie Reyez is simply amazing, it feels like there is no way a sound that big can come out of just 2 headphone speakers. (Also, Louis adds that the guitar solo is badass… Guitar nerd).

Lost - The Hunna

In our opinion one of the best voices in modern rock. Absolutely incredible performances throughout this HEAVILY underrated album. This song in particular stood out to us though, and we think it’s mainly because of the outstanding (haha) pre-chorus. We are always suckers for anything remotely vocoder-sounding, it’s always so colourful, thick and emotional. Plus some brilliant work with the reverbs in this section which really do give the impression you’re soaring through space like an asteroid. Awesome.

Playground - Bea Miller

Sound design enough to make any producer cry (and possibly give up forever). So unique, intricate and powerful, everything we want to be! This song is honestly a masterclass in so many respects, and we can’t get enough. This kind of strong, moody female vocal over an intensely minor and heavy electronic instrumentation is just one of the best combinations in modern music for us, we’re absolutely hooked and we often find ourselves in that corner of Spotify when looking for inspiration. (It was also used amazingly in the Netflix show Arcane).

Monster - PVRIS

Distorted vocals, distorted guitars, distorted drums, huge DISTORTED 808’s. That’s what we like. PVRIS is awesome, so many amazing songs. We found them on a Spotify discover weekly playlist and haven’t stopped listening since. Again, a brilliant vocal performance, we love the power she can get in her voice.. Also, just this whole production is nuts, so heavy and distorted but so perfectly clear… Magic.

Bones - Imagine Dragons

We love Imagine Dragons. Their style of epic cinematic rock, blending live instruments with massive synthesisers has changed modern music in our eyes. You simply can’t listen to this song without feeling like a complete badass, especially in that formant-shifted pre chorus.. What a build!! We challenge anyone to listen to this song without doing that little head bob move (you know the one). You can’t. It’s impossible.

We REALLY wish we could give more than 5 here, there are so many songs which we want to talk about… The longest part of this whole process was narrowing down the list! But anyway, this is five of our absolute favourites as of now!

Listen to 'Murderess' now:

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