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5 Songs I Love w/ PG Naylor

Following the release of his new track 'Sensible', we wanted to find out more about the artist PG Naylor. We figured the best way would be to find out some of PG's favourite tracks of all time. Check out his selection below and if you're a fan, be sure to listen to his latest single 'Sensible'

1. Here, There and Everywhere by The Beatles

I think it was the harmonies in the intro that first got me in and intrigued me. With Paul McCartney’s ‘sweet’ vocals, the ascending chord pattern continued to ensure this was a ‘love at first sight’ song for me. The Beatles so successfully intertwine simplicity with complexity on this track, that you never want it to end! Although it’s by no means a sad song -on the contrary- but I’m definitely gonna have it played on my way out of this world!!

2. You Really Got me by The Kinks

Well this changed everything for me!. From the first distorted guitar da-da-da-da-da riff I was hooked and still am. Rock music for me just took a different direction with this track. Gone was ’12 bar blues’ and in came the initiators of ‘grunge’, with simple chords and lyrics building up to a crescendo of harmony vocals and guitar. Dave Davies’ frenetic lead solo tops it all off. I still play this song at live gigs with my band -it never fails to get everyone moving.

3. Friday on My Mind – The Easybeats

An international hit in the 60s from Australia’s top rock band of the era -The Easybeats! The message that every teenage guy of the time had on their mind – Friday night with their girl- resonated so well. But what really got me in was the cleverly linked lines of the bass and rhythm guitar and the interplay between the backing vocals and the lead guitar, not to forget the impassioned pleas of lead singer Stevie Wright. It’s no wonder that through the influence of rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist George Young, that his brothers Angus and Malcolm formed another little Aussie band called ACDC.

4. Walking the Dog by The Rolling Stones

Well, lots of bands recorded this track originally written and performed by Rufus Thomas, but my favourite version is by the Stones. Mick Jagger and Keith Richard add their own ‘magic’ to this track to make it one of my faves. It’s just basic blues with a mystical story – what’s it all about? – definitely not walking the dog! But from the very first Keith Richard guitar riff you feel it’s going to be a great blues rock track and you are not let down. That’s why I love performing Walking the Dog.

5. How Can you Mend a Broken heart by the BeeGees

Now these guys have to be the greatest vocal harmony group ever – even ahead of The Hollies and The Beatles. I could have listed any one of their many hits here but I’ve selected How Can you Mend a Broken Heart because of its great melody and harmonies but also the plaintive voice of Robin Gibb and the unmistakeable vibrato of the genius in the band, his brother Barry. When the brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice come in together, there is nothing like it – well , in my opinion!!

Listen to 'Sensible' by PG Naylor:

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