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5 Songs I Love w/ Phil Ireland

Following the acoustic release of his warming single 'You Are The Sun', we caught up with rising folk-rock artist Phil Ireland to find out more about the song he loves and why.

Check out his selection below as well as the lyric video for 'You Are The Sun'!

1. Prince - Purple Rain

Arguably Prince’s definitive song off his definitive album of the same name, I’m sure Purple Rain is a favourite of many music fans out there. I love the slow moving arrangement, the emotion in his vocal & flamboyant guitar solo but what makes this one of my favourite songs of all time is the history I have with it. I went through an intense relationship where we both loved this song. I should dislike it for that reason but lyrically Purple Rain captures the essence of an unhealthy relationship that burns out fast. That’s my perception of the song anyway and it reminds me of a crazy time in my life. Good or bad music has a way of doing that and fortunately I still love this song.

2. Jamiroqai - Virtual Insanity

Virtual Insanity taught me you can mix together Pop, Funk & Classical music all into one song and it can come out sounding great. Jamiroqai seamlessly mix those three styles (and more) in most of their tracks but this is one of my favourites. The groove is undeniable but lyrically is where this song is at; as Jay sings about some darker themes that you can still dance too, all the while foreshadowing a virtual reality/singularity take over. This song is more relevant now than ever and still has one of the best music videos ever.

3. The Verve – The Drugs Don’t Work

I love it when a lyricist gets if brave enough to pore his or hers soul out & Richard Ashcroft captures that brilliantly in this tune. ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ can be interpreted in many different ways and that’s the real beauty of any well written song. The acoustic guitar, souring strings and atmospheric slide guitar carry this song along beautifully and it’s a real definitive 90’s song with lyrical depth and honesty.

4. Fleetwood Mac – Second Hand News

The opening track to Rumours Fleetwood Mac’s most iconic album, ‘Second Hand News’ may not be everyone’s first track they think of but I love everything about this tune. The rhythm of this song sets the mood and the melody and lyrics set the scene that some shady stuff has been going on. The band at this point was romantically entangled, where all sorts had been going on behind the scenes and these tensions made for a very interesting and passionate album. I do have a soft spot for Rumours on the whole but ‘Second Hand News’ if one of my favourites and is brave enough to keep the listener waiting right to the end of the song to hear the chorus.

5. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin & Thin Lizzy are my top three Rock bands, so I could quite easily continue this list with other songs but I feel I’ve picked songs that have also impacted and influenced me in some way. Comfortably Numb is one of those songs, the darker minor melody in the verse & the lyrics throughout the song have a dream like quality that captures the mood. My perception is that the song is about losing your inner child and falling into the humdrum trappings of life, something I am conscious of never wanting to lose as a songwriter and as a person. I feel great songs have a way of empowering you and Gilmour’s guitar solo further elevates my soul in the latter part of the song.

Watch the lyric video for 'You Are The Sun' below:

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