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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love w/ Prismia

Following the release of her latest single 'Don't Look!', we caught up with Rock artist Prismia to find out about some of the songs that have inspired her eclectic sound. If you like Prismia's picks be sure to check out her latest single at the end of the article.

1. Some Nights - Fun

"The entire Some Nights album is really a masterpiece in my opinion. Nate's vocal performance demands the listener's attention, while his wide range makes the music swell. The songwriting and arrangement are fabulous, every track truly takes you on a journey. Their title track single is one of my favorites purely because of that acapella intro and vocal processed bridge melody."

2. Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol

"This was probably one of the first love songs that truly impacted me. Lyrically it is slow-paced and simple, which is what makes it so powerful. It slowly builds until this huge musical release of heavy distorted guitars and rocking drums. I fell in love with that kind of arrangement/form so much that I've used it in multiple Prismia songs!"

3. When You're Gone - Avril Lavigne

"After 15 years of listening to this song, it still brings me to tears. I loved Avril Lavigne as a little girl. She was cool, vulnerable, bad-ass, and had very relatable lyrics. We all experience multiple forms of loss in our life, and there are so many great lines in this track like "and the days feel like years when I'm alone'' and "everything that I do reminds me of you". This song has comforted me in multiple losses, romantic relationships, and family passings. 10/10."

4. Everlong - Foo Fighters

"Foo Fighters. One of my favorite bands ever. This track is the epitome of a timeless song in my book. It's raw, relatable, beautiful, emotional, and passionate. This is supported not only by Dave's vocals but by all the instruments. The main riff creates this sense of longing using the major 7th. The 3 bar and 7 bar phrasing give it this nice slightly off-balance feel. It sounds huge, not just from the loud rock elements but also because the entire track is heavily compressed. The audio file looks like a brick!!! Gorgeous song."

5. Billy Knows Jamie - 100 Gecs

"I wanted to add a newer group to the mix. 100 Gecs has absolutely captivated me. This talented group blends a mix of hyperpop, pop-punk, nu-metal, and ska to create an entirely one-of-a-kind album. This specific song is very nu-metal inspired. The production is intense and at times absurd. Musically chaotic yet genius, I admire them for being unapologetically themselves and having this "take it or leave it" attitude."

Listen to Prismia 'Don't Look!'


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