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5 Songs I Love W/ Rasha Jay

Rasha Jay's new album Muscle Memory is packed with some brilliant musicianship and excellent songwriting, blending indie-rock soundscapes with her ever-soulful vocals to create a strikingly unique sound. We were intrigued about what music inspires Rasha, so we asked her about 5 of her favourite tunes. Over the Rasha:

Stop the World by Maxwell

"Hard to say all the reasons why this song moves me so, but it's perfectly arranged and strong. His vocals are always amazing and smart. This song takes me to special place, no matter if I"m walking outside or making breakfast--it stops me in my tracks. If I ever get married, this is the first dance song."

More than a Woman by Aaliyah

"This groove! So unexpected, but so funky and hard from Timbaland. The guitar is my favourite. This is from Aaliyah's last album before she died, and I feel like she was just getting started."

R U Mine? by Arctic Monkeys

"Arctic Monkeys are one of my favourite bands, I know their every song. But this one---is loud and proud. I know they go from hard to more lounge-act at times, and I love their diversity to just do what they want at all times."

Bad Religion by Frank Ocean

"I have replayed the bridge of this song a million times. I'm drawn mostly to vocals and choices, attack and intensity. The bridge is my favorite for all those reasons and more. The build up, the falsetto, the scream---yes, Frank!"

Broken Horses by Brandi Carlile

"I just started covering this song recently in my set sometimes, it's got all the honesty, heart and punch that I appreciate in songs and it's so fun to sing. I would love to create music with her."

Listen to Rasha Jay's brilliant new album Muscle Memory below:

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