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5 Songs I Love w/ Rob: Earth-One

Following the release of his captivating new offering 'GOIN' CRAZY', we caught up with genre-bending artist Rob: Earth-One to find out more about the music he loves and why! Check out his hand picked selection below and if you're a fan you're sure to love Rob's sound and the brand new single!

1. Nyla Nune - Personally

This is probably my favorite song, right now! The hook is so catchy, hard to forget. Not only is Nyla spitting facts on this track, but she displays her very rare, very magnetic personality on this song perfectly. I have this song listed, not because I know Nyla Nune personally (pun intended, I guess), but because it’s just so good! Her live performance of the song always delivers, too! I saw her perform this live in NYC and it has been stuck in my head since!

2. Jordan Ward - FAMJAM4000

This one really hit close to home on the first listen. Such a groovy song to move around to, but with very emotionally touching lyrics. I remember hearing this song for the first time, while driving to the beach. Tears filled my eyes immediately. In the song, Jordan Ward sings about the difficulties of growing up and distance being created between him and his family, while pursuing his dream. No matter what, nothing matters if there is no family to enjoy these nice things with. I really, really appreciate Jordan’s contribution to the world with this song. He’s a very great, very diverse songwriter.

3. Sneaker Pimps - Low Five

One of my all-time favorite songs. One of my all-time favorite bands. I don’t think Sneaker Pimps ever truly got the credit they deserve. I’m glad they’ve finally made their return. This song is one that gives me chills, everytime I listen. The drums, guitar, the LYRICS - perfect! Chris Corner is a real genius. I hope that Trip Hop makes a comeback. There are so many new things that can be done today with the sound. This song is one that I revisit very often, hoping to replicate that feel at some point in my career.

4. Usher - U Don’t Have To Call

This is one that I listen to very regularly (I’m talking at least 10 times a week). Usher is my R&B GOAT and I will stand by this. As usual, Pharrell did his thing on the production of this track. I still can’t believe Michael Jackson turned this one down! This song is in my Hall of Fame. Usher has been doing what he does for years and is still getting better, which is crazy! This is one of those songs that will always feel new to me. I could go on all day about this song and my appreciation for Usher, but I’ll leave it at this - Usher deserves his flowers.

5. Corinne Bailey Rae - Like a Star

An all-time favorite! This song and album are very close to my heart. The production and songwriting on this track, along with Corinne Bailey Rae’s voice is the perfect combination. The bass on this song is just so, so good! It always reminds me of a nice, calm Sunday in the middle of autumn, which is my favorite season, by far. I have so much admiration for this artist. Really happy to see that she’s still releasing music. This is one of those songs that should be in everyone’s wedding reception playlist for the slow dance. Add it!

Listen to 'GOIN' CRAZY' below:



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