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5 Songs I Love w/ Shaynah

Following the release of her captivating soulful single 'Fair Play', we caught up with the rising songstress Shaynah to find out more about the music she loves and why! Check out her selection below and if you're a fan you're sure to love her latest offering 'Fair Play' - out now!

1. Touch Me - Victoria Monet ft Kehlani

It's the queerness for me. 2 of my fave artists who both happen to be bisexual, sing about things that are quite specific to queer relationships/connection. There is quite explicit stuff in the lyrics but the wordplay makes it sophisticated dirty talk. Definitely worth listening to Kehlani's verse, but this video, trumpet solo, and girl power in the band. Victoria Monet is by far one of my fave songwriters. "Love You Better", "Waterfall Out Of Love" will always be songwriting masterpieces to me.

2. Anxiety - JoJo

I love love the groove of this track and the way that JoJo has a chill conversation with her anxiety. It's like she is voicing what I think so often. The music video is basically an ad for medication for adults with anxiety but ironically shows different roles we might play, masking, and how society usually responds or "advice" while a lot of people don't really understand what anxiety might look like in a specific person. The long list of side effects at the end of the video made me chuckle and was so relatable at the same time. On repeat!

3. Try Peace? - Tiana Major9

I cry my eyes out every time I hear this song. Come ON Lyrics. Come On Harmonies, Come on Vocals, Come on production that doesn't need a lot of extra stuff to make it sound good, get the story and feelings across. This is a conversation I have with myself on the regular. Why am I making these choices, is it to protect myself or am I self-sabotaging again? "Maybe you're what I need, maybe I should try peace..."

4. Kiss Me - Erykah Badu

Unhinged, unbothered, real, authentic, and true to herself doing whatever the fuck she wants are the biggest things about Erykah Badu that inspire me as an artist and person. I went from liking her voice and the groove and energy of her music as a little kid to growing up and now understanding the deeper meaning (of eg one of my other faves by her: Bag Lady). I love how she is like a spiritual auntie to me, her songs being mantras to me but at the same time, there's Booty. That other side of her of just flat-out saying what she wants to say, with no filter. This is basically a diss track and I love it. I aspire to be this free

5. It's Not Right, But It's Ok - Whitney Houston

Whitney needs no introduction. Powerwoman, has strong vocals, a clear message on a track by my powering, fave producers EVER: Rodney "Darkchild" Jenkins. The beat, The energy, and the lyrics that (unfortunately?) are still current get me every time. Greatest voices to have ever lived. She makes my vocal coaching heart beat faster.

Listen to 'Fair Play' below:

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