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5 Songs I Love w/ Sid Batham

Following the release of his irresistible dance floor pop hit 'Higher Love', we caught up with the man behind the music, Sid Batham, to find out a bit more about some of his favourite songs. If you're a fan of any of the tracks featured, be sure to check out 'Higher Love' below!

1. Royce Wood Junior - Slush

This tune man, it made my face screw up in all the right ways when I first heard it. Whenever I see anyone I haven't seen recently, one of the first things I do is play this to them. Even if they’ve already heard it, it’s good. An amazing album as well, if you haven’t heard it already - the funk is real here.

2. Gabriel Garzon Montano - Someone

I love this dude, he’s super creative and really talented. This song is a bop, and so soulful. The album it’s from, Aguita, is a real journey. It has so many levels to it, which I hugely respect. I love how it can go from almost soundscape, ambient music to this Neo-Soul thing from track to track. The vid is a vibe as well.

3. YEBBA - All I Ever Wanted

I think Yebba is just the real deal, and this song is so beautiful. It touches on that really flowing, acoustic and heart wrenching side of music that I like. The bvs towards the end are magic, I mean all the vocals are. It’s amazing and so is she!

4. Amber Mark - Most Men

This sultry number. So simple in its arrangement and the production, but it got me hooked as soon as I heard it. I've been a fan of hers from way back, when she put out “Mixer” (another absolute jam), but this tune really stands out to me. It’s got an interesting flow, and a structure that caught my ear.

5. PJ Morton feat. YEBBA - How Deep Is Your Love

A live take. Everyone knows this version of the old Bee Gees classic, PJ hammers it home here. He has so much soul, and is effortlessly brilliant on the keys. I really admire his fluency and ability to make everything sound so smooth, this is a great example of that. Plus, Yebba bangs out a slick verse.

Stream 'Higher Love' now:

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