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5 Songs I Love w/ Sofia Ford

Rock's rising star Sofia Ford has just dropped her new single 'Big Deal'! Be sure to listen to the vibrant new single below - however before that - check out some hand-picked tracks from Sofia herself to find out what she's all about!

1. Rascal Flatts - 'Life Is A Highway'

This song has been a staple song throughout my life. Hilariously I first heard it through the Pixar animation film Cars which has still remained one of my favourite films of all time haha! From such a young age I have been drawn towards rock music and I also went through a country phase. This song really combines the two and to be honest I just think it’s an absolute tune! The main guitar riff it’s so good and it just takes me back to singing in the car with my dad when I was younger. 2. Alanis Morissette - 'You Oughta Know'

This song really is legendary. Not only is Alanis an amazing lyricist but she also really brought out a new experimental and bold sound for a woman in the industry at that time. I have always felt her music has no boundaries and she never fails to impress. I love the pure anger and empowering energy behind this song. I really love how she took such a negative situation and turned it into such a f*** you moment! 3. The Stone Roses - 'Fools Gold'

Where do I start with this song? The Stone Roses Are one of my favourite bands of all times. I think this song is the pinnacle of the 90s Britpop phase which I take huge inspiration from. I love how experimental they were with this song and how they used their instruments. They were definitely incredibly tight as a band and this song really shows that. 4. Oasis - 'All Around The World'

Oasis are another one of my favourite bands. An incredible live band and Noel’s songwriting in hand with Liam’s stage presence just worked so well. I found it really hard to choose a favourite Oasis song as so many of their songs are absolute tunes. But for some reason Whenever this song comes on I can never skip it. I think the chord sequence is just so strong and I could easily have it on repeat for hours lucky it’s a 9 minute song ahah! 5. Queen & David Bowie - 'Under Pressure'

This song is a masterpiece it really captures both Bowie‘s and Freddie Mercury‘s style. This is what happens when you bring two legends together. I’m absolutely devastated they are not here anymore but the music will live on forever and this song really shows how lucky we were to have Bowie and Freddie on this earth.

Listen to 'Big Deal' now:

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