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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love w/ Stefski & Hutch

Following the release of their latest single 'Selling Lies' we caught up with rock duo Stefski & Hutch to find out more about what songs influenced them in their career.

1. Queens of the Stone Age, Carnavoyeur

"To us Josh Homme is probably the most important man in contemporary rock music, we love his originality when creating guitar riffs and broken hypnotic grooves with QOTSA, add the strange and frightening sense of humor in the lyrics, the games of words, and You get a formula that makes the old rock n'roll feel young again."

2. Stone Temple Pilots, Interstate Love Song

"When we were children, the STPs where something like the Rolling Stones for us, of course we loved the other grunge stars, but only Scott Weiland had that glamy-Bowie kind of touch, they were evolving very fast during their first albums, truly fascinating because of the jazzy-bossa-nova chords they used in the context of their heavy rock music, making them sound sometimes more subtile than the other 90's bands. Their groove and the way the bass plays with the drums in this song is a huge influence on our music."

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers, These are the ways

"This is a very special band, unlike any other, very popular but very important to us for the way they integrated funk in a different style of rock music, kinda out of the box, alternative. Of course it's the energy they had a long time a go that made the most definitive mark on us, but they never kept trying different musical ideas, created beautiful songs and are still able to combine masterfully their more melodic and cool vibe with some crazy heavy parts that nobody else can play this way." 

4. Avenged Sevenfold, G

"We discovered this band rather recently, it's a heavy metal band who is trying to escape it's fate of being just a great metal band, the way they do it is very inspiring, in this song they try jazz fusion inspired breaks and make an impression reminding of Incubus or Faith No More at their best. We believe that You have to stretch Your imagination to create great music, just like the Avenged Sevenfold do it here brilliantly."

5. All Them Witches, Hush I'm on tv

"A younger and smaller band to finish, we love this trio's spontaneity, the fact that they jam a lot, we love their deep blues improvisations morphing into a kind of stoner-rock or even grunge. But most of all, it's their talent to put an arty touch in their psychedelic and heavy songs. This band, among others, made us believe that it was possible to create relevant contemporary music using the classic rock instruments, guitar, bass and drums."

Listen to 'Selling Lies':


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