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5 Songs I Love w/ Tenille Ja'Nae

We caught up with Tenille Ja'Nae following the release of her suave new single 'Notifications' to find out more about some of the music that she loves. Check out her hand-picked selection below and if you're a fan you're sure to dig Tenille's vibe! Watch the music video for 'Notifications' at the end of the article.

1. Whitney Houston- Greatest Love of All

For starters, Whitney Houston is one of my biggest inspirations. She is one of the reasons I sing. I love everything about her as a singer, and though I love so many songs by her, I chose The Greatest Love of All. Her delivery in this song; she sang with so much passion and attitude that makes you stop you in your tracks. The timeless message here is so true! This song reminds us of how important it is to really love, support, hear, and pour so much pride, attention and value into our children's lives. That's where believing in yourself starts!

2. Tupac- Dear Mama

Tupac's dear mama song is so endearing. I'm super close with my mom, and I feel she did an awesome job being a mom to me and my brother. She was there, attentive, supportive, worked and provided the best that she could with us. We were her world! But, I love this song by Tupac because he talks of his mother's shortcomings, she was a crack fiend, and he was in the streets early and getting into serious trouble with the law. However he never lost respect for her because of her shortcomings, but had tremendous understanding and respect for her situation. Being a single Mom, raising two bad kids as he states in this song. And, though she had been to jail, and on drugs she didn't want that for her children and she made that clear. 3. Michael Jackson - Wanna be starting something

Michael Jackson needs no explanation for any of his songs! The man was pure genius! I specifically love this song, because the beat is captivating, and you can't help but move something on your body, when listening. haha. I love that though he was the biggest pop star, he always had something of substance to say! He said in this song "If you can't feed the baby, then don't have the baby, and don't think maybe, if you can't feed the baby" I mean, that's just wisdom at it's finest, and pure common sense, and he put an awesome beat to it, along with some amazing dance steps and the whole world heard the message! Pure Genius! 4. Lauryn Hill - Doo- Wop (That Thing)

Another one of my biggest inspirations in music! She did a lot for the culture of hip-hop! This song is one of my favorites because she pulls your coat tail on this one. I got the feeling of her like, come here my brother/ my sister, let me school you. Listen girl...have respect for yourself. Love yourself first, and stop chasing after a man for the sake of having a man. Listen guys, take care of your responsibilities and brag about that, and don't be a fool by girls who really mean you no good. She also speaks about the need for being in touch with your spirituality. Also the production is amazing. Love the horns and instrumentation in this song. And, I love the combo of rapping & singing on this tune as well! A complete package of a song. Packed with lyrical substance and good vibes music at the same time. 5. Ed Sheeran- Shape of You

Ed Sheeran is one of today's greatest songwriters to me! This song is definitely one for the books. Great up-tempo beat that keeps you engaged. I love the idea of not always looking to fall in love, but having a good time, and seeing where things go! You meet someone and there's chemistry, and you go with it! Ed Sheeran did a good job telling this story and making us all groove to it! Love it!

Watch the video for 'Notifications' below:


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