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5 Songs I Love w/ Teri Underhill

Teri Underhill has just released her genre-bending new release 'Rise', featuring GodIsMickey. Her distinctive sound got us wondering what kind of music inspires Teri herself, so she's hand-picked 5 of her favourites to share. Check out 'Rise' and her selection of songs below!

Jungle Boogie by Kool & The Gang

One word that describes my childhood: Funky. This song makes me so happy and it makes me wanna dance and tell jokes! Have fun! I’m very influenced by movies and music. This became my favorite because it was a part of the live version of Tarzan! The trumpets, the scatting, the bass, the bow chicka bow bow of guitar - this song makes me love life!

16 Shots by Steffon Don

I love my mother and I will always defend my mother to the very end. Being Polynesian I la la love reggae, island style voices and music. Reggae voices give me comfort because they sound like my family. The attitude of fighting for your mom, defending no matter what for your ‘ohana is what my family is all about.

Put A Little Love in Your Heart by Mary Mary

The songs I love the most are the songs I grew up on. I live for that nostalgia. This is another movie track I remember from the one and only Stuart Little 2. An absolute childhood favorite. These R&B tracks give me comfort and remind me of all the R&B my mother would play in the house as a child. Pure happiness. A song about helping others, something I believe in strongly, love heals all.

Gloom by Djo

I’m a big Stranger Things fan but an even bigger Djo fan. This song is absolute perfection to me. I love the humor to it, the attitude, and how Joe’s voice wobbles just at the end. Something about it all is perfect to me. Pure joy. The bass hits hard! I love music that can have humor to it even if it’s dry. Music doesn’t always have to be so serious. ~ I need to walk my dog. I’m ready to go ~

Coconut Girl by Brother Noland

Brothaaa Noland. The Father of Jawaiian (mix of reggae and Hawaiian) How could I not love this 80s classic? Most people know it from the movie Pineapple Express. The slack-key to this is amazing. I love the imagery of this song, an island girl making it in Hollywood with her red lipstick. I’m Hawaiian so of course I ADORE this kind of island music.

Listen to 'Rise':



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