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  • Alice Smith

5 Songs I Love w/ The Avenues

Following the release of their new track "Another Movie", we caught up with the four-piece indie-rock band The Avenues to find out what influences their sound.

1. Untitled in D - Spector / Tom (vocals / rhythm guitar)

"The way Fred captures the futility of the fight against the inevitability of growing older has always captivated me. Nowhere more succinctly than in the last verse lyrics of this song, “I guess this is real life, I probably should have stayed inside.” Incredibly underrated lyricist."

2. FKA World - The Armed / Kurt (Drums)

"Thinking about drummers that inspire me - The Armed and Rough Francis drummer Urian Hackney is high up on that list. Endless energy in his playing, I feel this track is a great example of that, playing off the guitar melodies and even incorporating blast beats that don’t sound an inch out of place. Not enough people know about this band and that is criminal."

3. Roots Radical - Rancid / Joe (Bass)

"I love bands that are having fun doing what they're doing, and Roots Radical shows through the music that Rancid are loving every second of it. The blend of duelling vocals and raw guitar sound help create a bouncy, exciting track that makes the listener feel as though they're on stage having the time of their life. To top it off, the incredible ska-inspired bass line that knows exactly when to be subtle and when to stand out makes Roots Radical a fantastic song that never gets old"

4. The Face - Kings Of Leon / Ollie - Lead Guitar

"The little nuances of lead guitar is something I just always picked out and they really bring songs together for me, like a separate motif that works perfectly with the vocal melody. When it's done as well as Kings Of Leon do it across Come Around Sundown, it's a beautiful thing."

5. Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal Band / Whole Band

"While this isn't particularly a song that has inspired us musically, we sing this to soundcheck our vocals together and over time it's become a song we all love as it reminds us of doing what we do best and doing it together as a band."

Listen to The Avenues' new track "Another Movie"


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