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5 Songs I Love w/ The Moontown Project

Following the release of The Moontown Project's vibrant indie-soul single 'Saw The Stars', we wanted to find out more about the music the band love and why! Check out their selection below and if you're a fan of the eclectic mix you're sure to be a fan of this genre-bending outfit's unique sound.

1. Baby Blue - King Krule

This track is extremely profound for us as a band. Before the moontown project was even formed as an idea or concept this song, and the whole 6 feet beneath the moon album introduced us to a whole new sound. It showed us the possibility of combining electric sound, indie, jazz, hip hop and pop all in one beautiful blend. Essentially it showed us that whatever we wanted our sound to be was up to us, and there were no constraints on it. We have attached the live version purely because of that sunflower guitar he’s rocking.

2. The Look - Metronomy

The Look is one of our favourite songs by one of our favourite bands of all time. We saw them at Secret Garden Party with Leon from Stogey. It is a night I’ll always remember because it was one of the last times myself (Guy) and some close friends danced with our childhood best friend Joe. The sun went down, the drinks were flowing, Metronomy came out and played this song. We spent all night smiling, dancing, hugging and making precious memories that none of us realised would be some of our last with our friend. To say that this song and the actual site of that festival where we shared those memories is special would be an understatement.

3. Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz

Following on from the reason for the last song being on this list, this song is a song that has so much emotional meaning to us. This song while being an amazing tune in and of itself was a significant tune at an intensely emotional time. The power of music to make you feel a certain way and, slow our thoughts down to a point where you can understand and digest them has been something that has helped us through difficult times. Nothing speaks to us as universally as music does and to be able to be in the position to make music that may speak to even just one person in the same way makes it all feel worthwhile.

4. Do For Love - Bobby Caldwell

This song takes us back to falling in love with disco. Growing up in south london there was a big house music influence there, and naturally soul and disco music is often sampled in house tracks. But this song encapsulates the moment or period of time when we completely fell in love with the genre on its own. We started to mess around with making a few disco demos but they always felt a tiny bit empty without an incredible soulful voice to complement them, so when we met Seth in Leeds and heard those pipes you can imagine the size of the smile on our faces!

5. La femme d’argent - Air

This is a progressive electrónica banger from our favourite French band. This song was playing on repeat in Guy’s car as Moontown just started as it was the only CD he had for a couple weeks as Will and Guy made their move up from their warehouse in London to Leeds. Seeing these guys play live taught us a lot about the importance of the space between notes and how not everything needs to be big riffs and hooks. Listening to Air was instrumental (pardon the pun) is instrumental to how we construct our arrangements and convey these in our live shows; after this show whole EP, titled ‘the mask on the moon’ which was our debut EP with bone slim. Go check him out if you haven’t (Stogey Records to the moon baby).

Listen to 'Saw The Stars' below:



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