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5 Songs I love w/ Theresa

We caught up with brilliant rising pop artist Theresa, on the back of her stunning new single 'Safe and Sound', on the 5 songs she loves exclusively for FLEX! Check it out below.


“Safe and Sound”// Theresa

This is my latest single and like most songs I write and release, this has been my anthem as of late. The song is all about breaking out of my comfort zone to achieve my wildest dreams. We must take risks to reap the greatest of rewards…and kick some major ass in the process! Who wants to take the easy way out?! NOT ME!

“I Am”// Bebe Rexha

Bebe is a really unique artist and an amazing songwriter. I am really digging her new album and this song might be my favourite. The chorus is just so strong and gets stuck in my head for days. I wish I wrote it!

“Anyone Who Had A Heart” // Dusty Springfield

I recently went to a fabulous show featuring the songs of Burt Bacharach and this was a song I honestly don’t think I ever heard before…and I grew obsessed. The song feels familiar yet still feels so fresh even though it was written in the ‘60’s and had many popular versions including Dionne Warwick and Cilla Black…but there’s just something about the longing in Dusty’s voice that has this one stand at the top for me.

“Karma Chameleon - The Voyage Edition” // Drew Love

While I moonlight as a popstar and hit songwriter at night, by day I lead an amazing music team at the ad agency, VMLY&R. A few months back we launched an incredible campaign for Virgin Voyages and I helped produce a hit single in the process…re-imagining the Culture Club classic, “Karma Chameleon”. I worked closely with artist Drew Love and producer Neil Ormandy (thanks to the amazing team at Milk+HoneySilo!) and it was just a fantastically rewarding experience!

“Kiss Me Deadly” // Lita Ford

This song is just everything. I honestly don’t think they make songs like this anymore nor do they make artists like Lita Ford anymore either. It’s great to jam out on the way to work, or heading out to a bar or late at night doing karaoke. It’s just a good time…every time!

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