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5 Songs I Love w/ Tin Man Falls

Tin Man Falls have just dropped their brand new music video for the compelling single 'Black To Grey'. Before you check out the video, have a listen to 5 tracks that frontman Joseph Robinson has handpicked below.

1. Weights - Elis Noa

I love how this track blends a strong groove, dynamic melody, grounded harmonies, an ethereal vibe and something to say together brilliantly. It's just a three chord song, but the vocal melody makes the song feel much more jazzy somehow. I'm also impressed when someone can make something simple seem complex. It's like doing more with less. 2. Let Go - James Hersey

I love the stripped down production, the acoustic and electronic elements, and the sub/snare drop in the chorus. But I also love how the music mirrors the message of letting go. When I hear this song, I feel like I'm floating on ocean swells, staring through a contented nostalgia, as I watch stuff float away. 3. Matilda - Harry Styles

Coming from someone as famous and produced as Harry Styles, the intimacy and tenderness of this song feels enhanced. I love the message of coming to terms with the past and finding the courage to move beyond it and how he unfolds it within the guitar arrangement. The first half of the song just casts such a spell for me, full of emotion, meaning and nostalgia. 4. Dotted Line / Juju Man - Labrinth

So. Much. Groove. Whenever I hear this track / whole album, I have to move. There's so much vibe and so many creative ideas packed into this down-tempo track, and I love how he uses his voice to fill different roles in the arrangement. I'm always learning from Labrinth...what a creative genius! 5. Say Something - Justin Timberlake

This song just feels good, and like a lot of Justin Timberlake songs, I love how he just keeps working the basic motifs of the song without any fundamental change, allowing the melody and groove to keep carrying you through the mood. In a time when a lof of pop music feels compelled to feature strong contrasts to sounds or the arrangement, there's something refreshing about a song that just builds an amazing vibe and rolls with it.

Watch the video for 'Black To Grey' below:

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