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5 Songs I Love w/ Tony Sergi

With a beautifully refined voice and eclectic taste palette, Australian artist Tony Sergi creates music for the soul. His latest release “Love To Give” is a heartfelt reflection on the end of a romantic relationship - tender and candid in its analysis.

Opening shows for Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran, we thought we would find out which five songs have best shaped his sound.

Burning Love - Elvis Presley 

This song takes me back to one of my earliest memories driving in the car with my grandfather listening to Elvis. I would have been probably 4 years old and I thought Elvis was the man!

What About Me - Shannon Noll 

This was one of the first songs I actually sang on stage. I was about 6 at the time and after watching Nollsie get robbed from the Australian Idol title in '03 ( Yes, I speak for the whole of Australia in saying that we are still dirty on this) I knew that I wanted to get up on stage and I wanted to be involved in music in some way .

Haven't Met You Yet - Michael Buble  Now this song opened up the door to a whole new world for me. Growing up I was the kid who loved to belt out the Gunners and Bon Jovi but after listening to Buble's Crazy Love album and seeing the man himself on tour at 13 I discovered a love for swing and that is literally all I would sing. After a school performance of this song in my first year of high school I was branded "Mini Buble" for years after I was the little kid in the suit working the club circuit in often places I wasn't even old enough to be in. Performing live was something I was doing well before I started writing my own music so a lot of my musical influence came from artistsI enjoyed watching play live.

Yellow - Coldplay 

Besides being the best live show I have ever seen, Coldplay was another band that flicked a switch and has influenced not only the way I look at my own live shows but the way I write my music. Yellow just hits on another level. 

Locked Out Of Heaven - Bruno Mars 

The whole Unorthodox Jukebox album was just insane. I listened to it on repeat for a good year. Again another amazing live artist that has given influence on both writing my own stuff and my live shows.


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