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5 Songs I Love w/ Toria Richings

Following the release of her new Americana anthem 'Fire', we caught up with rising artist Toria Richings to find out more about the music she loves and why! Check out her selection below and if you're a fan make sure you listen to the latest release.

1. Boys of summer - Don Henley

I love this song, I think the lead guitar suckered me in when I first heard it, it's got all the right elements for me a great melody with a hooky chorus, everything about this song makes me feel nostalgic, me and my husband used to play it a lot I guess it's become an old friend to me, whenever I hear it I feel like I've been transported back to younger days when we were more carefree, it's a great song 2. Old Man - Neil Young

This song started my love of songwriting, when I first ever heard Neil Young something got triggered inside, this song is up there with some of my all time favourites, the song itself sounds so simple when you hear it, but thats the magic of it, It's not flooded with Instruments because it doesnt need to be, the openness and space is what Is so good, it also massively reminds me of being 11 and learning guitar in my bedroom! 3. Boulder to Birmingham - Emmylou Harris

I just love this song, it's sad and beautiful in equal measures written about the passing of Gram Parsons, it feels such a heavy song, it's my go to when I am feeling down, because you can sing softly too it then belt out the chorus, Emmylou is someone I hugely admire, if you want a sad song this has all the right ingredients, when I first heard this I obsessively played it over and over, Emmylou is the bomb!! 4. First Time Really Feeling - Liz Stringer

Liz Stringer - A bit of a new find for me, she's a great singer from Autralia, her latest album has been on repeat for me since I first heard it! This song is just so good, I love it, in fact before I go on stage I have to play a few songs to help my nerves, it's become a bit of a ritual and it's always the same songs, this is the first one that goes on, I don't really know exactly why, but sometimes you find a song that just goes off like a fireworks inside and you think wow, this is one of those songs for me! 5. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

I have never heard a song like this before or since, it is one of the best pieces of music ever written, When you really listen to all the elements in this, its insane, how did Freddie ever come up with this, it's quite simply and epic masterpiece. It was the first song I heard that I think set off my love of music, I remember being a small child and in awe of it, I didn't understand the song or what it was about but I somehow knew I was listening to something immense!

Watch the music video below:



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