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5 Songs I Love w/ TR Moshia

Rising artist TR Moshia recently shared his new 5-track EP 'Rising Up', a project of self-discovery and establishing his distinct sound, 'Rising Up' is a personal and unique offering. Following the release we wanted to find out more about TR Moshia, and what better way than to dive into some of his favourite tracks of all time. Check our TR's picks below and the stream to his freshly released EP!

1. Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl

The instrumental composition was ahead of its time sounding different from most pop music in the 80s. The drum pattern and xylophone keys have been sampled a few times by beat makers in the years after this. Michael made this beat himself and as always his lyrics, tone, diction and flow on the beat was perfect.

2. Bustarhymes - Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See

This instrumental is a classic. Simple composition which loops with slight changes throughout, however the beat really bangs. Bustas aggressive but yet nonchalant flow and delivery with tongue twisting lyrics fit perfectly.

3. Ja Rule - Put It On Me

If there was ever a Hip Hop/ R&B ballad this would be the greatest one for a good heart wrenching sing along. The instrumental is stamped with producer Irv Gotti's sound which stood apart from hip hop beats during that time. This song will forever be a classic.

4. Marvin Gaye - I Want You

The composition of this instrumental is magically dreamy. Marvin's smooth voice sings passionately about wanting his lover to want him equally as he wants her.

5. Rene & Angela - I Love You More

The instrumental composition for this is truly a masterpiece with a wild variety of different instruments orchestrating a party in my ears, this beat could stand strong as a music piece without any vocal. The singing from Rene and Angela compliment the instrumental in a sweet way to provide a sing along experience.

Listen to TR Moshia's new EP below:


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