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5 Songs I Love w/ Vin Proxima

Following the release of his latest single 'Michael Chiklis After All' we caught up with the prophesied saviour of the galaxy and marooned alien 'Vin Proxima' to find out what tracks inspire his whacky sound. If you like Vin's picks be sure to check out 'Michael Chiklis After All' at the end of the article.

1. Scott Sellers - Drugs

"I’ve always been crazy impressed by Scott Sellers. Most people know him as the frontman for the punk band Rufio, I’ve been a huge fan of that band forever and Scott has always delivered the goods. Over the last few years, he’s released a metric shit-ton of music/albums and sometimes there’s a difference between being prolific and really good but he nails both aspects. “Drugs” I think was the first song of his more recent solo stuff that I heard and I was stoked as shit to say the least. One, to know that the master is still out there kicking ass and taking initials because he ain’t got time for names but also still knocking it out the gat-damn park in the genre. Do yourself a favor if you like punk that hauls ass and check out his stuff, I think there are some releases on his bandcamp that you can’t find on other streaming services."

2. Glenn Frey - The Heat Is On

"Imagine this. Everything you know about physics is a lie. Unknowing that this could be achieved in our version of space time you spawn into a CVS Pharmacy that’s in an obvious state of disarray and The Heat Is On fills your ears. You quickly realize that an intense hangover from the night before is clamping your skull like a pumpkin in a trash compactor but more importantly, grafted to what used to be your arm is now some kind of crude rocket launcher made of protein powder containers and Just For Men boxes. Next thing you know you’re under attack from an onslaught of sentient grocery bags with fangs and googly eyes and towering behemoths made of Hungry Man frozen dinners. With your newfound powers you have to blast your way through them like a real life version of DOOM to make your escape and grab some liquid IV for the demonic hang over. I have this dream every night… and it means something.

3. Will Chase, Ingrid Michaelson - Tigers And Young Men

"Although artfully understated, this song (I’m pretty sure) is a nuanced commentary on Burroughs’ famed book The naked Lunch. The lyrics portray a kaleidoscopic view into the many idiosyncrasies intermingling within the human psyche coupled with our unmeasurable capacity for change, love, and spiritual growth. Solid tune, 10 out of 10."

4. Brian Robert Jones - Shit On My Ass

"It was either this or Purple Rain and Brian Robert Jones won. If you haven’t heard this song go listen to it, we can all relate to the scenarios presented in the lyrics and the music makes you feel like childhood. At my family gatherings, we all sit around and listen to this song. I even played it during our holiday dinners. This dude needs to be heard, his stuff is legit next level and he’s a hell of a musician."

5. Prince - Purple Rain

"Ok I lied Purple Rain made it too. One time when I was not 21 I was in the streets of Chicago with my ghost hunting team. They were a bit older than me but they felt I had pizzazz so they let me join up. Anyway, due to a string of very fortunate events I ended up getting into a club before I was legally able to drink, it was exciting as balls. My brother and I had a Long Island because apparently even at a young age we were retired commercial real estate brokers from Boca Raton. Then whispers started making their way through the venue that Prince and The gat-damn Revolution were playing an afterparty in a section of the venue that we couldn’t get into. We noticed that all of the females in the venue started disappearing. Turns out Prince had let them into the party and before we knew it the entire place was nothing but a desolate wasteland of middle aged dudes sipping their Long Islands and listening to a muffled (but beautiful) version of Purple Rain play through the wall. True Story."

Watch Vin Proxima 'Michael Chiklis After All'

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