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5 Songs I Love w/ Will Knox

Will Knox's new single 'Pillow Scream' is an achingly beautiful acoustic folk offering that showcases an artist right at the top of his game. For fans of Nick Mulvey, Axel Flovent and Bear's Den, Will offers up his own delicate craft in a wondrous track that is vulnerable and eye opening, ahead of his new album 'English Science' out in September. We sat down with Will to learn all about his 5 songs he loves right now, exclusively for FLEX!


1. Randy Newman - I Think It's Going To Rain Today

Originally I got familiar with Nina Simone’s version, and it’s obviously a sign of a great song when multiple artists of such calibre cover it. It’s a really vivid portrait of loneliness & society. This verse makes me think of New York, & the individual surrounded by millions of people, echoed by the music, Randy Newman’s solo voice with this massive string section accompanying him.

Such a nice arrangement... “Scarecrows dressed in the latest styles, With frozen smiles to chase love away, Human kindness is overflowing, And I think it's going to rain today.” Perhaps it’s the chords, the old recording, or how it makes you feel ‘not

alone’ in your own loneliness, but for some reason this song makes me feel warm.

2. Nick Drake - River Man

This was the easiest pick. Nick Drake is a big inspiration for me. I love his guitar playing, chord choices, and voice. It’s all so beautiful, and for me River Man is one of his best. Harry Robinson composed a stunning string arrangement, it melts you; it makes you feel the river

pass you by as you walk up to go and speak to the River Man yourself.

3. Elliot Smith - Between The Bars

This song always brings an emotion out of me, and maybe this lyric is the reason: “People you've been before that you don't want around anymore, That push and shove and won't bend to your will...I’ll keep them still”. It’s timeless, over the years I’m relating in a different way to the people that I’ve been before, that I don’t want around anymore.

4. Bruce Springsteen - Highway Patrolman

From my favourite Springsteen album, ‘Nebraska’. It’s about family & loyalty and where we draw that line. The concept of unconditional love was something very much on my mind while writing my last album, and I love how Springsteen approaches that in this song. I love this one line in particular: “takin’ turns dancin’ with Maria, as the band played Night of the Johnstown Flood”.

It also reminds me of driving through Pennsylvania late at night with my friend Chris, when he introduced me to this record. Some songs sound best played in a car really late at night.

5. Adrianne Lenker - Dragon Eyes

This is from my favourite album of the last few years, “songs” by Adrianne Lenker. I think I could’ve picked any of the songs on this record, but I just love how instantly this song draws you in. I think the guitar is played with a paintbrush, giving the guitar a soft percussive sound.

The structure is atypical, it’s 7 verses or so with short refrains, but you don’t notice its atypical nature. The lyrics are somewhere between lost and found, and I think that contrasts the beauty in the music. Some songs just have the ability to move you from the 1st to 100th listen, and this is one of those for me.

Stream 'Pillow Scream' below:


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