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5 Songs I Love W/ As Per Casper

Photo Credit: Waleed Shah

Following the release of their latest single 'Heat' feat Font Leroy we caught up with Carla Saad, the mastermind behind the alternative fusion collective 'As Per Casper' who collaborates with various musicians around the world to create music that bridges traditional Western and Arabic influences to create rich, full-bodied, symphonic musical pieces. With influences as varied as her collaborations, we decided to find out what fuels 'As Per Casper's' eclectic sound. If you like Carla's picks be sure to check out 'Heat' at the end of the article.

1. This Woman's Work - Kate Bush

"This power ballad gets me every time. The lyrics, the music, the delivery.. reaches deep within and unleashes a flood of emotions. Written for a scene involving complications at childbirth in the movie 'She's Having a Baby', it holds so much innocence and rawness using terms like 'Give me your little kiss', 'Give me your pretty hand'. It instils an aching in me to get certain moments back, especially the magical ones that were short-lived."

2. Stay - Shakespeare Sisters

"This track was my long-lost love. Heard it often as a child and throughout the years the hook would come creeping back 'Stay with me' but I never knew how and where to find it; it wasn't as easy back in the 90's. Then one day, while in university, my friend picked me up for our regular long drives around Lebanon and it played in his car. I lost it! It's been on my playlist since. I love everything about this track. The sci-fi-ish video concept, the contrast between what I perceive as an angel of life and an angel of death. Marcella Detroit's high note towards the end of the track still gives me chills."

3. Boy with a Coin - Iron & Wine

"Graceful, poetic, artistic, soothing.. all the elements come together beautifully. It may not be my go-to style of song but I find myself reverting back to it often, drawn to the passion that exudes from Flamenco dancing. This, coupled with the brick wall studio setting (I'm a sucker for that) and elegant animation, makes this music video one of my faves."

4. Another Chance - Roger Sanchez

"Took me years of therapy to understand the power of vulnerability. Up until then, I had seen it as a sign of weakness; that walking around with an open heart is bound to expose me to heartache and danger. I love the visual way this video delicately conveys this while also highlighting how people are often afraid/put off by someone with that level of openness and sometimes are even careless with other people's emotions. Though the character's heart shrinks by the end of the night, I admire the hopeful touch that a new day brings about the massive heart again, emphasizing the importance of keeping our power with us and maintaining and embracing our truth."

5. Crazy - Aerosmith

"Having spent most of my years in the Gulf and the SWANA region, I would seek this video out to get a sense of freedom and to tap into the rebel within. Not that I didn't skip school or take the car out for a drive in a country that forbade women from driving, especially at the age of 13. Oops! This video also happened to trigger many sexual orientation-related "thoughts' so to say. Much respect for Aerosmith's unique voice, singing style and timeless hits."

Listen to As Per Casper 'Heat'


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