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5 Songs I Love w/ Blake Rave

Updated: Feb 28

London-based singer/songwriter Blake Rave has made waves with his latest release, the sweet and sincere bop "Be Mine." Right in time for Valentine's Day, the track pairs Rave's country and folk influences hailing from the U.S. with more uptempo, classic pop beats. We sat down with him to discuss his favorite tunes, and how exactly they serve as inspiration!


1. "Mama I Don't Wanna Play the Blues Anymore" by Marina Elezovic

"I love being surprised... When I saw her, I was not expecting that voice! From the warm and nostalgic guitar to her soulful voice, this song just sucks me in."

2. "Saturdays" by Twin Shadow

"This song takes me on a journey... I love the tension in the beginning of this song. The vocals: a beautiful blend of tenderness and grit giving me all the feels. If you see me dancing down the sidewalk or on the train with my headphones on, it might be this song."

3. "Above the Clouds" by SYDE

"The lyrics in this song speak to me so much! 'Free to be whoever I wanna be ... Breath the air that I wanna breathe.' I love the empowering message in this song and the driving melodies and beats. This song makes me feel like taking a road trip."

4.  "Welcome to My Island" by Caroline Polacheck

"This one was a shocker... Someone sent me the song, and I had no idea what I was about to hear. It is so unique and enchanting! Creative masterpiece, and the lyrics are amazing as well."

5. "Where Are Your Wings?" by Ciara Lawless

"This song gives me Madonna 'Bedtime Stories' vibes. The sweet and soothing vocals make me sway... I get lost in this one."

"Be Mine" is available across streaming.


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