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5 Songs I Love w/BVLCONY

Although NY-based pop artist BVLCONY doesn't want us to waste his time, he's perfectly fine wasting time listening to these 5 bops. Check out the 5 songs he loves & resonates with in this exclusive round-up of his fave tracks on FLEX right now!

The Vamps - Would You

Once I heard this song I immediately was playing it on repeat. It’s the epitome of a perfect pop song from front to back in my opinion. The production choices, vocals, and mixing are all executed perfectly to convey the exact sound they intended. Definitely my top song of the year so far.

Phil Good - Do You Ever?

The simplicity of this track is my favorite thing about it. It’s a really hard thing to have this much energy in a song with such little going on, every single piece has a role to play and it’s amazing. I can’t find anything wrong with it either, something that’s very remarkable considering how picky I am. The visualizer is simple as well but it captures the deeper meaning behind everything just as the song itself does.

Dayglow - Close To You

Within the first 10 seconds of this song you can tell it’s something special. The main synth melody is so enticing with everything Dayglow has blended in there, and somehow carries the vibe of a very nostalgic retro sound but also something very fresh and new. The groove is unmatched, especially in the chorus, it’s no wonder why this guy is blowing up right now.

Jack Gray - I Got 3

Whenever I’m unsure of what song to play when I’m in the mood to listen to something, this song never fails to be the perfect choice. It has the overall tone of a typical love song but there’s something else to it, like it’s trying to emulate the soundtrack to the act of falling in love itself- and succeeding completely. The best song to listen to while driving around during a sunset with the windows down.

The True Blue - Easy

This was my top song of last year. The melody choices compliment the music so well, they really serve the song. The magic of this song is based in the instrumental, with an overall 90’s R&B vibe to it, it’s sure to make you want to get the hell up and move with the beat.

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