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5 Songs I Love w/ Conrad Ashton

With the release of his latest single 'The Longest Night' earlier this month, it was clear that emerging singer and songwriter Conrad Ashton had an eclectic taste in music. With a diverse sound that channeled the energy of Britpop, 60s pop, and indie-rock throughout, his sound is a strong breath of fresh air on the new music circuit.

So we thought we'd find out more about his influences and give us a rundown of his most loved songs so far.


'Pinball Wizard' - The Who

My introduction to music I remember hearing this as young lad and thinking this is it, how can I make that sound it was just a light going on in my head!

'Bonzo Goes To Bitburg' - The Ramones

I remember hearing this in school of rock the film and I saw that film when I was 10 or 11 and really getting switched onto music and realizing that was what I wanted to do with my life and that track made me a massive Ramones fan and that film in general opened my mind more to rock music and groups I hadn't listened to before like acdc and led zeppelin.

'There She Goes' - The La's

I feel this song influenced my music so much everything from the chord progression to the melody and general feel and mood of the song I feel I owe a lot to this track!

'What Is Life' - George Harrison

The riff and mood of this song I just love. I feel this influenced celebrate life my last single so much with its general feel and warmth. It's such a bouncy track

'You'll Never Walk Alone' - Gerry and The Pacemakers

I'm a liverpool fan couldn't miss this out! It's a song that offers so much hope it has definitely been a track I have turned to numerous times to just listen to and I'm a huge elvis fan but I think gerry did it better and theres nothing better than hearing this on matchday live around Anfield!


Listen to Conrad's picks and his new single 'The Longest Night' below.



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