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  • Kenny Sandberg

5 Songs I Love w/ corner club

Following the release of corner club's new single 'dreaming (梦中)', we caught up with the duo to gain some insight into the influences that make up their unique sound. If you like their choices, be sure to check out the new track at the bottom of the page.

Ashe - Taylor

When we sit down to record and produce our songs, we often compile an inspo playlist so that we can develop a shared vocabulary for talking about ideas and what we want to try with the song. For our latest release, “dreaming (梦中),” we wanted to achieve a lush, layered sound built from only guitar and voice, and “Taylor” was the perfect example for us to make sure we were aligned on our vision.

- Mike

sundial - your text

COOL SOUNDS. That’s what we love about this one. sundial uses so many creative found sounds in their music, from coin clinks to water droplets to sipping noises. This song in particular is a good reminder that we don’t have to feel limited by standard percussion or “real” instruments. It’s almost overwhelming how much potential there is in these everyday sounds.

- Sav

Dijon - The Dress

It’s funny because Sav was the one who introduced me to Dijon, but I got a lot more obsessed with his music after that. “The Dress” has become one of my all-time favorite songs — I love how the lyrics set up the story and Dijon’s intimate, dripping-with-emotion way of singing really takes this song to higher plane for me. The raw production style throughout the album made a particularly strong impression on me: it makes you feel like you’re in the room with him and his friends, lucky just to be there for a jam session that’s perfect in its imperfections.

- Mike

CuckooLander - Beating Yourself Up

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I don’t listen to it often these days, but every time I come back to it, I’m re-delighted by how it transforms. There’s the stripped beginning with the repeating little riff, the vocal layers, the slightly uncomfortable closeness, the audibly shaky breaths, and (my favorite part!) the false ending before an energizing closing spiral. This song is a journey, and we’ve definitely come back to listen to it to bathe in the atmosphere it builds.

- Sav

Lizzy McAlpine - all my ghosts

It’s hard to pick a single Lizzy song here, but I think “all my ghosts” best exemplifies all the aspects I love about her songwriting. Her lyrics often describe everyday things, but she can be really clever about the rhyming, and she’s good at making metaphors out of simple yet deep ideas. It feels like her personality really cuts through her words, and there’s an earnestness that you don’t always get with this style of writing that makes her songs feel so relatable. I also just love her voice and her melodies, especially the way she dynamically moves between having a spoken quality to her singing vs. going into more belting parts. All great things to aspire to.

- Mike

We love corner club's choices and have their new single 'dreaming (梦中)' on repeat! You can check it out below.


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