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5 Songs I Love w/ D.K. Lyons

Photo credit: Cassandra Kornhiser

Following the release of his playful yet reflective offering 'Fake Ray-Bans', we caught up with D.K. Lyons to find out more about the music he loves and why! Check out his selection below and if you're a fan you're sure to love her latest offering 'Fake Ray-Bans' - out now!

White Beretta - Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit

One of the finest working songwriters today, I’ve been a big fan of Jason’s for years. He tells rich, emotional stories and while it may be dressed up in alt country trimmings, his POV tends to be the antithesis of the “beer, girls and blue jeans” culture that is endemic to country music here in America. While the whole of his new record is brilliant, White Beretta was an instant favorite for me, both in production and subject matter, with the narrator telling an intimate and soulful story about an abortion experience.

Everything is Easy - Third Eye Blind

Yes, of course they were one of the biggest bands of the late 90s and I love their first two records dearly, but I may love what they’ve put out since then more (for the most part). I always come back to this song, which opens their 2015 album Dopamine. It’s got great Cure vibes and Stephan Jenkins doing what he does best, touching on nerves of desperate love with his patented lyrical intrigue. A big inspiration for my own writing and one band I never get tired of listening to across their entire discography.

Maybe You’re the Reason - The Japanese House

Another new album I’ve had on repeat, it’s brilliant for those who haven’t heard it, but it also brings me back to one of my all time favourite songs from her debut LP. The dreamy production, the catchy chorus, and the adept lyrical content make this a staple for me that I consistently come back to. And it’s got that great musical interlude section before the final chorus that really takes you out of the song in a good way.

I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man - Prince

The legend himself. While other songs like Purple Rain or I Wanna Be Your Lover hit hard on my heartstrings, this song is my favourite because of the story he’s telling. With Prince, it’s usually all about the attitude, the vibe and the musicianship, but with a song like this where he nails a story lyrically, it’s really the whole package for me. And the lengthy outro musical section is the purple one at his finest just showing off because he can.

Reuben - Natalie Livingston

One of my best friends, favorite collaborators, and an absolute icon in the making, Natalie just dropped her banger of a single Reuben and it just hits on so many levels for me. I heard it first when I opened up for her at a show last October and knew it was going to be special, but her and her brother really took the production to another level and I’m so proud of her. It’s been on repeat since she sent me the first mix a few months back and it’s been amazing to see the response since she shared it with the world last week.

Listen to 'Fake Ray-Bans' below:


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