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5 Songs I Love w/ Dada Pop

Earlier this month, US duo Dada Pop released their brilliant new single 'Eucalyptus Trance'. A mix of experimental electronics and conventional hip-hop flow, the new track sees the pair explore a world of sound most have only dreamed of creating.

So with such a distinctive direction behind them, we thought we'd try and discover exactly what songs have led them on this path.


Bibio - 'Why So Serious?'

Bibio’s seamless blending of funk, folk, and electronic is an inspiration on how we mesh different genres and styles together. With a punchy bass forward sound, throwback synths, and contemporary production, this track in particular strikes the right balance between modern and retro.

Blanck Mass - 'Please'

Known for a searing and expansive electronic sound, Blanck Mass influences the usage of space, textures, and percussion in our songs. ‘Please’ feels almost like a blend of a pop track with minimalism, a dark and moody synth soundscape with percussion that is slowly marching towards something foreboding and yet captivating.

Flying Lotus - 'Jurassic Notion/M Theory'

The clanging cymbals and jangling, off center percussion of Flying Lotus create an electronic/hip hop sound that is at once familiar and yet weird and invigorating. When the track transitions to ‘M Theory’, the character and brilliance of the percussion is highlighted with layered hi-hats and snares intersecting in chaotic and complex ways.

Madvillain, Madlib, MF DOOM, MED - 'Raid'

Madlib has always been a master of integrating samples into his beats, and the hard driving, funky bass drums of ‘Raid’ on top of a light jazz sample exhibits a perfect blend of jazz and hip hop. With our own roots in jazz, we are always trying to infuse bits of it into pop and contemporary music. MF DOOM's floaty, laid back flow feels ahead of its time and perfectly at home with today's rap in both the alt and mainstream worlds.

Gil Scott Heron, Jamie xx - 'My Cloud'

The odd duck pairing of musical pioneer Gil Scott Heron and the xx maverick Jamie xx creates in ‘My Cloud’ a miraculous blend of spacey, sloping beats with a somber and beautiful outing from Heron. Rich in color and atmosphere, the song feels like something outside of time, somehow bringing together strands from soul, spoken word, hip hop, pop, and ambient music to form a glorious and eternal whole, a story that leaps from the headphones into our world.


Hear Dada Pop's choices and stream their new single 'Eucalyptus Trance' below.


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