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5 Songs I Love w/ Emerald Radio

We're still reeling from Emerald Radio's double release of their pop-punk single "Crystal Girls and Country Boys" and debut EP "Outdated Slang." The group, who exports their music from the UK, is made up of super-duo Jamch and Cisco. The named track has clear inspiration from the early-aughts groups, Mayday Parade and even Weezer citable.

As they invite us to enter their world, with a contemporary take on emo, "Crystal Girls and Country Boys" is comfortingly familiar in theme - a good, old-fashioned breakup song with an anthemic chorus to match.

We sat down with Jamch to discuss his personal inspirations, and why he loves these tracks!


  1. "The Diamond Church Street Choir" - The Gaslight Anthem

"I've always loved how Brian Fallon writes a song and how unapologetically literal he can be whilst blending in countless references and metaphors in an almost timeless manner, whilst at the same time not making it sound to juvenile. It is another clear example of how you can make the 4 chord rule distinct and not cliche."

2. "Redshift"- Enter Shikari

"They wrote a song about a star going supernova and somehow made it both hopeful and soul crushing at the same time. Shikari songs seem like poetry to me. They might dance over the line of pretentious but I don't really mind as it all works."

3. "Grace Kelly'  - MIKA

"Just a great pop tune, MIKA should have been bigger. 'Crystal Girls and Country Boys' was heavily inspired by this album and I have no qualms in saying this. Dude, MIKA was so good. I miss these soaring emotional hooks, every song was memorable as hell. This was PEAK pop."

4. "Everlong" - Foo Fighters

"This was the first song I ever learned on guitar to say it inspired me would be an understatement. Another song which lives by the rule of it works acoustic it'll slap with a full band. I truly think this is one the best songs ever written you will not change my mind."

5. "Suckers" - Reel Big Fish"

"Genuinely incredibly fun, like 'Star Girl' by Mcfly, but just subversive. This was my ring tone for like 3 years, about 10 years ago. Also, the trumpets."

"Crystal Girls and Country Boys" is available across streaming platforms.



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