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5 Songs I Love W/ Frank Head

Soul artist and singer/songwriter Frank Head has just released his latest single, "Soul Snatcher," an alluring track he hopes will invoke “fun, confidence, and women empowerment" for listeners. With tens of thousands of streams on previous releases (most notably “Movie” with over 63K streams, “Moi” with 30K, and “Like Rick Flair” with 29K, all on Spotify alone), and a 91K following on Instagram, his upcoming release has been much-anticipated.

We asked Frank which songs have soundtracked his life and served as musical inspiration for him as an artist.

1. Sisqo - '2 Nite'

This was the first CD I ever purchased with my money, and when I tell you I had this track on repeat, haha. I would put this song on repeat and go to sleep—the vibe of the song, the track, and the vocal performance. If my iTunes account was ever deleted and I had re-compile my library, this would be one of the first, if not the first song I would add to my library again.

2. Lenny Williams - "Cause I Love You"

I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I love ya babae; that's all you need to know. I was not born when this song was released, but when I tell you some songs travel across generations, this is one of them for me. One of the greatest love stories created. To be able to take your emotions and put them into a song so powerful that the listener is immediately taken on a journey is a gift. This is why I love this song. A true classic for us romantics. 3. Destiny's Child - "Love"

I guess you're seeing a re-occurring theme here, haha. I love, love. And Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams had ya boy in all in his feels. I would imagine a girl singing these words to me; tell you the truth, if that happened now, I would probably have to go ahead and put a ring on it. 4. Pastor Troy - "About To Go Down"

What type of Down South Georgia Boy would I be if I did not give the original DSGB a nod. I listen to this song before I do any big task. First date? About to go down. Going into finals? About to go down. Going into a high profile interview? About to go down. Got to get the last big screen during Black Friday shopping before they are gone? You guessed it, about to go down is playing haha. 5. Beethoven -" Moonlight Sonata"

Could you imagine watching " Scarface" without having this playing at the most climatic point? Didn't think so. In all honesty, I love classical music and Beethoven is kinda holding it down for the other legends such as Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Chopin. Sometimes, a change of pace is great for finding new inspiration.

"Soul Snatcher" is available across streaming platforms.

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