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5 Songs I Love w/ Grace Love

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Following the release of her highly anticipated single 'Broke', we wanted to find out more about the music Grace Love loves and why! Check out her selection below as well as the new video for 'Broke'!

1. Pink & White by Frank Ocean

This song reminds me about sitting with myself and evaluating the light and love that lives in my world. I love this song because it reminds me of shadows in spaces that are light. 2. Elliot’s Song by Dominic Fike & Zendaya

I love this song because sometimes no matter how much you love someone it might not be enough. And that burden of knowing that can crush you. 3. Georgia by Emily King

I love this song because it reminds me that forgiveness sometimes needs a bit of begging and self reflection of the hurt caused. 4. He loves me by Britney Howard

I love this song because of its religious undertones of growing up in a place where they try and condemn and shame people. It forces me to connect with that feeling and know that I am who I am and that’s ok. Flawed but aware. Sweet Love by Anita Baker

This song is loved because it’s the most richest form of love. It’s just executed beautifully and deeply. Watch the new video for 'Broke':

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