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5 Songs I Love w/ Gravity Circus

Riotous indie-rock duo, Gravity Circus, from The Netherlands have unveiled yet another fearless release, 'Shaky Little Dice Roll'. Barely able to contain the rowdy and infectious Rock 'N' Roll vibes, Gravity Circus have undoubtedly cemented themselves of one of the most exciting emerging bands of the moment.

We caught up with the delightful duo earlier this week to find out what their favourite five tracks are...

Twenty One Pilots - Ode To Sleep

From the start, we as a duo never really pointed our fingers to what kind of music we wanted to make.

We didn't feel the need to hold ourselves onto one genre, style or theme.

When we first got introduced to Twenty One Pilots, we felt the same with their music.

The way they write and compose doesn't adhere to any "rules" of any "genre", but it feels familiar enough to not throw you off.

Instead it grips you into what feels like an alternate universe of musicality and creativity.

Ode To Sleep is a great example, with trap, hip-hop, rap influences mixed in with rock, punk, pop and a tempo switches all over.

Great song, would recommend 10/10.

Milky Chance - Cocoon

This track was a beautiful introduction to Blossom, Milky Chance's second album. It was released at the start of winter in 2016 out of nowhere!

Instantly it inspired us and so we recorded our first cover as Gravity Circus, with a video to go along with it. Always a nostalgic song to listen to.

Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down

A song that has such a simple, but strong way of storytelling grips you from beginning to start.

This is a song that really shows how intricate and creative the Arctic Monkeys can be with songwriting.

(Their whole discography is amazing really) We can find inspiration for days from them.

Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Remembering the first time hearing this song, it got us hooked by its intriguing tone right away.

This track really opened us up to more songs by Radiohead and got us to appreciate all the diverse and super interesting sounds they've been making over the years.

It was a recommendation back then to listen to it, and now we would like to do the same!

Glass Animals - Gooey

Gooey is a great song to get sucked in the world of Glass Animals, that is exactly what happened to us.

Davey Wavey's smooth vocals and almost silly vocabulary combined with dreamy, experimental hip pop vibes really do it in this track.

We close our eyes and dream away in inspiration.

You can check out Gravity Circus' latest release 'Shaky Little Dice Roll' below...

You can follow Gravity Circus on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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