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5 Songs I Love w/Jah Frida

Following the release of his latest Alternative-RnB single 'Hot Skin' we caught up with Nashville-based artist 'Jah Frida' to see what influences go into his eclectic sound. Check out Jah's hand-picked selection below as well as his new single 'Hot Skin'

1. Smino - Lee & Lovie

"Smino is a hip-hop artist out of St. Louis, Missouri, and boy does he do the city justice. Always delivering a unique vocal performance over off-kilter cadences that knock and groove. This song specifically is soulful and just feels like a warm hug. I'm a huge fan of the way he approaches the music, you can tell he's just doing him, and we love to see it. He's one of the more unique hip-hop artists coming out of the US right now, and his new project is nothing short of it."

2. Dijon - Many Times

"As soon as the song comes in you're pulled into the world of Dijon. I absolutely adore the way the drums on the track are going off, while he sings with such passion and heart. Dijon has been one of my favorite artists over the past 2 years, and rightfully so. If you need an album that displays pure emotion, definitely check out his last project "Absolutely".

3. Steve Lacy - Give You The World

"I'm a sucker for chord progressions, and Steve Lacy just knows how to construct them. This is such a beautiful love song, with quirky instrumentation, and smooth vocals. What more could you ask for in a love song? This song is reminiscent of soul songs from the 70's at its core, but is produced in a modern fashion. His whole album "Gemini Rights" really makes me feel something, and at the end of the day, I listen to music that makes me feel."

4. Brent Faiyaz - Prince Of Fame

"This song is perfect for night drives or if you're feeling like you're up to no good. Brent Faiyaz has mastered toxic RnB. The down-tempo pitched beats, with orchestral elements, really makes his music have a sort of elegance. His vocals are always conversational and effortless, making you feel like you know exactly what's going on in his mind. This song in particular has a tempo speed-up, which breathes a whole new vibe into this track. Brent consistently brings a refreshing sound to RnB."

5. Omar Apollo - Tamagotchi

"Indiana native, Omar Apollo is someone I'm fond of. Being Hispanic myself, it's nice to hear a bop that has both English and Spanish in an RnB wave. This track is produced by Pharrell so you know it's top-tier production. This one has you moving your head to the trap beat, with a saucy Latin acoustic sample. Near the end of the track, there's a beat switch-up, and man is it satisfying. I really love this album "Ivory"; Some of his best work."

Listen To Jah Frida 'Hot Skin'

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