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5 Songs I Love w/ Jeremy Engel

Following the release of his passionate new single 'I Got Caught', we wanted to find out more about the singer-songwriter Jeremy Engel and see what mix of artists might have inspired his poetic and raw artistry. If you're a fan of the tracks below, be sure to check out 'I Got Caught' below!

1. Both sides now – Joni Mitchell

I always attach great importance to the lyrics in a song. Both Sides Now is of a rare subtlety and finesse, a caress of the soul. This song is a call to marvel at every little thing around us and to remain humble in that experience that life offers us. Joni Mitchell first sang this song in 1969 and then she recorded it again many years later. In this last recording, the voice and the interpretation reach a rare maturity which gives the song a new dimension. It reminds us that things that happen to us in life are neither good nor bad, it is the way we look at them that determines that. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

2. Preciso me encontrar – Cartola

This Brazilian song is a pure gem. It is an ode to life and the beauty of the word around us. It is a tear and a smile at the same time, an invitation to be aware of every moment. This is a Feel-good song! It makes you want to stand up and dance through the streets all day and night.

3. Amsterdam – Jacques Brel

This song is a masterpiece. Jacques Brel is an absolute genius in terms of songwriting and interpretation. You had to see him on stage sweating all over his body and singing like there is no tomorrow. He was not just a singer, he was an actor who embodies his songs with incredible dramatic momentum. He would give everything to serve the art. David Bowie made a stunning cover of this song that I highly recommend. It is the kind of song you can’t listen to while doing something else at the same time, you have to stop what you’re doing to join the drunken sailors dancing on the riverbanks.

4. Try Me – Esther Philipps

My soul is on fire when I listen to this song. I feel instantly transported to a 60s Jazz club, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars. The voice comes to caress us in an extremely sensual way and you want to indulge into every sin. This song is music foreplay.

She reminds me a bit of Amy Winehouse. Her voice is so captivating.

5. The Box – Damien Rice

I like the raw feel of this song and the progressive increase in intensity of the instrumentation which is a metaphor for the liberation of the soul. We all feel imprisoned sometimes in shackles that we make to measure for ourselves to allow us to adapt to society. It is difficult to get outside of the box, but songs like that are cracks in the walls that let light through and make us want to break free. I really think that Damien walks in the footsteps of Leonard Cohen in terms of songwriting. I really admire this artist for his quiet force. I have immense respect for his work, and I would love to be able meet him someday.

Listen to 'I Got Caught':


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