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5 Songs I Love w/ Joe Traxler

Vienna based multi-instrumentalist and producer Joe Traxler has just released his funky new single 'Don't Dance'. With a genre-bending sound and a unique style, we wanted to find out more about the music Joe Traxler loves and why! Make sure to check out his new track 'Don't Dance' below!

Matt Corby - No Ordinary Life

Matt Corby has always been one of my biggest inspirations. I love how unique and interesting the songs and productions are and how each of his songs really takes you on a journey.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - The World is Crowded

I just love the vibe of this song. It’s so chill and easy listening yet super weird at the same time. Unknown Mortal Orchestra often use super interesting chord changes and balance it out with a super simple and catchy chorus. I’m really drawn to that duality.

Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better

This is such an iconic song. Tame Impalas’ sound aesthetic is so unique and fresh and really a master of interesting super catchy melodies.

MorMor - Whatever Comes To Mind

Big fan of the simplicity and relaxing vibe of this song and the spicy chords at the end of the chorus.

Porches - rangerover

Love the nostalgic feel to this song without being generic. It’s so sick how the second chorus has the same melody as the first but a totally different mood.

Don't forget to check out Joe Traxler's new music video for his single 'Don't Dance':

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