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5 Songs I Love W/ Johnny Kulo

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Berlin-based, Indian artist and producer, Johnny Kulo bridges the gap between old-school soul and modern R&B on his addictive new single ‘Poseidon’. Blending tight drums with gorgeous guitar licks, washing synths, deep bass and Johnny's effortlessly breathtaking vocals, the single is sultry and emotional, experimental and accessible all in equal measure. With such an impressive demonstration of his musical prowess, we naturally wanted to know more about Johnny's favourite tracks and musical influences:

Patrick Paige II - Voodoo

When real instrumentalists make music it's always special. I have nothing but love for everyone that plays the game differently, with type-beats and whatever else it takes to get it done, that's cool as hell too. But I'll always appreciate a songwriter who has something more to offer musically, besides an incredible voice, like Patrick Paige II who some of you may know as the bassist of The Internet.

Red Hands - No Rush (Live)

When I first discovered Red Hands, it quite literally changed everything for me cause I hadn't heard anything like it before. Their musical influences like Dilla, D'angelo, ended up becoming my heroes too but Red Hands led me to them and no doubt continue to bring their own sound with every drop. Not to mention, all incredible session musicians in their own right for the biggest names in the industry.

Sza - Hit different

A Sza track produced by The Neptunes, featuring Ty Dolla $ign. Do I really need to say anything?

Crush - Woo Ah

Artist and producer Crush first got my attention before I even had any interest in being an artist myself. I just really liked what he was doing and didn't know why or what kinda music it even is. It's been 10 years and he hasn't lost my attention, I'm always looking forward to what he does next.

Beau Diako - Flamingo

The electric guitar opened up a whole new medium of expression for me when I picked it up a few years ago and it's now my primary tool for songwriting. Beaux is one of the few artists that's always pushing the boundaries with how it's played, and what you can pull out of it. His virtuosic guitar playing and unique sonic soundscape in his production is always a breath of fresh air.

Listen to Johnny Kulo's new single ‘Poseidon’ below:



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