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5 Songs I Love w/ Kyra Gordon

Updated: Feb 28

In a rousing genre shift, Kyra Gordon takes her audience in a rockier direction with her americana/country track "Burn It Down." Known for jazzy, soulful vocals, this single brings grit and edge as she sings of leaving an ill-fated relationship and finding her own freedom. Gordon's theatrical storytelling is felt just as much musically as it is in her lyrics, an obvious product of earlier days professionally acting.

We sat down with Kyra to hear exactly where these powerhouse influences are derived - and what tracks she's spinning in her free time!


1."Father Father" by Laura Mvula 

"This song captured my heart the first time I heard it a decade ago. I love Laura Mvula's writing so much. Listening to this recording slows down my nervous system and transports me somewhere divine."

2. "Time of the Season" by The Zombies

"I first heard this song on KFRC (the Bay Area oldies station) as a little kid, and I have always felt so connected to it. It is a vibe thing, it just whisks me away."

3. "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston

"There is no song I have listened to more in the last three years! If I need to lift my spirits and dance around my room, this song always lights my fire."

4. "This Flight Tonight" by Joni Mitchell

"There is a magic alchemy about being on a plane and listening to this song. I listen every time I'm on a plane... and when I'm not."

5. "Davy" by Janis Ian

"This album (Revenge) was my introduction to Janis Ian, and started my lifelong love affair with her songs. To me, 'Davy' is a masterpiece. I am always writing towards it like a north star."

"Burn It Down" is available across streaming platforms.


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