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5 Songs I Love w/ Lach Marshall

Australian singer-songwriter Lach Marshal known for his mellow, guitar-led acoustic sound has released his latest single "Tired Old Gag". Effortlessly blending together elements of alternative, indie, and folk music to create a unique idiosyncratic sound. A sound that is perfectly showcased on his laid-back and melodic new single that cements him as one of the most exciting emerging artists of the moment.

Following on from the release of "Tired Old Gag" we caught up with Lach Marshal and asked about his five favourite songs, this is what he had to say:

  1. Bell (Kid A version) - Radiohead This song is just so bizarre and awesome to me. I still can’t really explain the structure of it- it’s  just disorientating and beautiful. The strangest thing is despite all this, the instrumentation feels super honest, for the most part it’s just Colin Greenwood's bassline, drums and some sort of Rhodes keyboard thing. I also love how the songs from that record are such a departure from Radiohead’s tried and true earlier work. It reminds me to always try new things and not get stuck in old song writing habits - as such, Kid A’s my favourite Radiohead record.

  2. April the 14th Pt. 1 - Gillian Welch One of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. It’s right in my sweet spot though. Really dry vocals and guitars, leaving room for the singer to tell a conglomerate of morose stories. I like to call that dry honest sound ‘Barnhouse’, because it sounds like that’s where it was recorded! I often think about how clever a story teller Welch is to figure out that on April 14th, Abe Lincoln was shot, The Titanic sunk and a monstrous dust storm enveloped Texas- and then to thread a story through it!

  3. If We Can’t Get it Together - You Am I I’m not sure why I bought this record but since I first played it, it’s been on in the car every time I drive. This song seems to capture all the beauty and mundanity of suburban life in Australia. I can feel the heat, hear the magpies and taste a summer’s cold beer. When talking about getting married Rogers sings ‘we might as well do it next week, cos’ we’ve met everybody that we’re ever gonna meet’… I think staying in your hometown can feel like that sometimes. I also love how clever Rogers’ melodies are in this track, it reminds me of the Kinks yet somehow still sounds uniquely Australian? Apparently he hates it, ha!

  4. Snot - Alex G This song makes me feel sick!! Like a lot of Sandy’s work it seems to be really unsettling but mystical and charming. It reminds me of being overseas and feeling overwhelmed but totally invigorated at the same time. I love the guitar parts; on the one hand they’re very folky, very Barnhouse kinda feel, on the other hand some of the guitar work reminds me of Interpol, particularly the weird dissonant parts on the electric.

  5. R.I.P Screw - Travis Scott Something a bit left of centre I guess for someone who makes guitar driven music, but I’m a huge fan of Travis Scott and this song kinda sums up why that is. The production is flawless and the way they mix in these detuned synths, weird ass samples and then Travis’ melody is INSANE. There’s something pleasantly disjointed and otherworldly about this song & the record it's from- the way him and his crew push and contort trap music into all these weird niches is mind-bendingly creative, I think.

Be sure to check out his newest single "Tired Old Gag" below!


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