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5 Songs I Love w/ LaRegina

Updated: Jan 3

This past month, German reggae/soul artist LaRegina released her latest track, "In Charge." With chill beats and pop-forward vocals, her immersive lyricism questions the threats that advanced technology impose to society. She warns of an ominous reality where tech runs our lives, but does so with incredibly catchy rhythm.

We sat down with LaRegina to discuss her biggest influences, and what exactly she loves about their work.


  1. "Don't Let Go (Love)" - En Vouge

"The vocals and energy are out if this world. One of the groups and song that made me wanna be a vocalist, back when I was a teenager."

2. "Highly" - Jah9

"I just love her unique style in singing as well as her special voice in combination with the dark atmosphere of this reggae riddim. I also can feel the depth of the lyrics."

3. "Lyin King" - Jhené Aiko

"I love this melodic R&B song also for its authentic lyrics. I just believe her that she has been there.  Her vocals are so soft but still so present, just what the song needs."

4. "Most I" - Chronixx

"The melodies are just so sweet. I love how he casually appreciates the creator. it just always puts a smile on my face when I'm not feeling well."

5. "By Your Side" - Sade

"It's a beautiful, timeless song with pleasing musical arrangements.  I always loved this song for it's simplicity and for the power to linger in my ears for hours."

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