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5 Songs I Love w/ Latrell James

Following the release of his track, 'No Law', we caught up with Latrell James and asked him about his 5 favourite songs at the moment. Find out more below:

1. I think Tracphone is my top song for the simple fact that it talks about what is going on in the world. People enjoy relatable songs and I'm glad that they continue to listen.

2. B.I.M.A. was supposed to be on my project Under but decided to put it out as a single release. With this song, I was a little more vulnerable and really wanted people to understand what I was trying to say. I think that is why it resonates so much. 

3. Traumatized again is just a record that hits but is also relaying a strong message. I was really a section 8 kid with a wishlist and I am sure others can understand that. 

4. No Law is my latest single and as an artist, one of your key attributes are to create music based on your experiences. Right now we are experiencing a pandemic, there is racial injustice and we have people lining up for food banks. No Law just talks about the ills of the nation. 

5. With Mona Lisa Bonet I just wanted to make a fun record and step out of my zone to create something unique. I think this song just gives you an escape to let loose and enjoy the moment. 

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