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5 Songs I Love w/ Laya Laya

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Following the release of Laya Laya's spacey electro-pop track 'Asteroid' we caught up the London-based duo to find out more about the music that inspires them! Make sure to check out the stellar music video 'Asteroid' below.

'Treat Me Like Fire' - LION BABE

Her soulful voice, the catchy yet lo-fi hook and the laid back smokey production makes this the coolest track ever. Oh and the drums! We’ve listened to this 1 million times (we have a log) and it still sounds fresh. 'Adorn' - Miguel

Miguel has the best voice ever- smooth, honest and beautiful. For us, what really makes this a classic song over and above the melody and production is the title of the track. It’s a very specific description of his love like a jewel or clothing that you imagine she looks amazing in. This isn’t just some overly explicit nonsense. This is poetry. This is art. 'Cellophane' - FKA Twigs

Incredible production - the beginning of the track starts with her breathtaking classic vocal which sits beautifully within the minimal production. We love the minimal production at the beginning which then grows and grows. The lyrics are so honest and raw. She’s a true artist totally driving in her own lane. 'Leave Me Alone' - Kaytranada

We love the churning bassline on this. Kaytranda is a legend with crafting drums and bass. Such a vibe. Shay Lia‘s hook ‘leave me alone’ is subtle but works so well. The vocal really lifts the whole track and the track can kind of make your ears hurt if you have it on too loud in the car for too long because the bass is just so heavy. 'All I Do (Bump n Flex Dub)' - Cleptomaniacs

A seminal UK garage remix. Grant Nelson is a House legend and under his Bump n Flex moniker, he produced some of the most amazing Garage ever. This track is a ridiculously catchy bass heavy banger. Its insaaaaneee.

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