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5 Songs I Love W/ Moonshine Heavies

Moonshine Heavies have been gradually building up momentum with a series of single releases through 2023. Now back with their new single 'F.O.M.O', the London based 5 piece continue to showcase their intoxicating indie-come-classic-rock sound with a stylistic, catchy track which would be at home on the soundtrack for a Tony Hawks Pro Skater game.

Stylistically, the band pack a lot of different tones into their sound from brit-pop to ACDC style rock. We wanted to know more about what the band listen to, what inspires them. Over to Moonshine Heavies to chat about 5 of their faves:

Black Sabbath - War Pigs

The start of this song really slams, it’s dark, heavy and demands attention. You could be in the garden of earthly delights, and if this song started playing at full volume you would be compelled to stop whatever you were doing and check it out. We open our live sets with F.O.M.O. It was designed to wake the audience up- just like this absolute banger. 

Stone Roses - Fools gold 

Effortlessly cool, I love the psychedelic groove driven riff throughout the song and Ian Brown’s slightly trippy, ice cold delivery really has an edge. When writing the first line in F.O.M.O. ‘You got a fly in your ice cube’, I definitely had the Stone Roses in mind. 

The Rolling Stones - Bitch 

They just bring the party don’t they? A drink in each hand and a little smoke …this is what you want to dance to. We all love the stones in Moonshine Heavies.

The Hives - Tick Tick Boom 

High energy and in your face, this song lights a fire for sure - the could induce as heart attack. ‘BOOM’ toss firework into the audience and watch the crowd explode! I want that. 

Oasis - Bring it on down 

In my opinion this song encapsulates how it feels to be on the edge as an outsider yet sticking a finger up at the same time - certainly something I can relate to. Let’s be honest, as divisive as he his, no one delivers a song like Liam Gallagher - he still sets the bar for brilliance. 

Listen to Moonshine Heavies new single 'F.O.M.O.' below:

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