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5 Songs I Love W/ Moose with a Scarf

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

EDM artist Moose with a Scarf has just released his most recent collaboration with vocalist Lauren Richards, "Back to You." The track weaves dubstep, synth, and electro pop seamlessly together. Moose with a Scarf is the solo project of composer Anthony Sabatino, and we sat down with him to discuss which tracks have paved his path towards his own releases.

  1. Levels - Avicii

"Of course this list needs to start with the song that brought an entire generation of people into the EDM world. I remember the first time I heard this track I thought, 'wow, electronic music is great, you can just take the catchiest part of a song, and then just repeat it over and over again!' In all seriousness, this track really was what inspired me to start making electronic music, and although the mix isn’t as punchy and hard hitting as most modern EDM tracks are these days, it will always have a special place in my heart, and still is one of the catchiest tunes ever written."

2. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson

"I’ve been very outspoken about how much I love this song on my various social media accounts, so I’ll be somewhat brief here, but DAMN does this song slap. Even over 10 years after its release it still is such a bop that I always turn the volume up when it comes on my playlists. This song is the whole package: catchy, cutesy, high production value, and just overall fun! Who could possibly want anything more from a song?!?!"

3. Surrounded - BT

"This one is a deeper cut for some, but it’s seriously worth a listen! BT is one of my heroes of the EDM world, and this song really elevated him to one of my favorites of all time. This track, featuring Aqualung, has one of my favorite drops of all time, that has a beautiful interest curve that starts with a bang, and then turns it up to 11 continually throughout. It has so, so many awesome and unique sounds, and it’s also important to remember that this song predates Serum, making the sound design used on here even more epic!"

4. Dead - My Chemical Romance

"Now I know the typical answer for any MCR fan is to say either 'Welcome to the Black Parade' or 'Teenagers.' And though I vastly prefer the former to the latter, I always felt that 'Dead' was the unsung hero of the Black Parade album (along with 'House of Wolves'). This song perfectly encapsulates everything I loved (and still love) about MCR: Intense energy, catchy singable melodies, and a killer guitar solo. This song I feel was particularly influential to me as a growing musician and I still love it to this day!"

5. Bangarang - Skrillex

"No EDM artist’s list of favorite songs would be complete without at least one mention from Skrillex! I know most people would probably pick 'Scary Monsters' and 'Nice Sprites,' but I never quite got into that song as I did 'Bangarang.' What I love about 'Bangarang' is that it perfectly blends these complex and unique dubstep sounds with catchy upbeat melodies. This song really blew me away when I first heard it and that electro house blend is always something that I’ve loved."

Honorable Mentions:

Your Love - Siks

"I discovered this song about a year ago, and I just love the energy of it! It unfortunately relies heavily on a splice sample (the hook of the song), which I generally am against, but the pump, groove, and melody of this song never fail to get me amped up, and it’s quickly become one of my top reference mixes when mixing and mastering my own music."

Back To You - Moose with a Scarf

"It may seem crass to include one of my own songs in a list of songs I love, but if I didn’t love the music I make, then why would I even bother making it? This song is the culmination of my style and influences from over the years, and all the songs listed above were highly influential to me when writing this song as well. And if I could go back in time and give my younger self a wav file of this song, then I know I’d be driving around with the windows down blasting this song all the time! "

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