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5 Songs I Love w/ Mvnu

Anti-pop riser Mvnu shares his dreamy new song 'fairytale' today as part of his 'invertedA' EP. An eclectic mix of genres can be heard in his music, so we wanted to find out more about the music that Mvnu loves and why!

Check out some handpicked tunes from Mvnu below and if you're a fan of those then you're sure to love 'fairytale'.

1. Linkin Park - Shadow of the day

Growing up, my mom was heavy into the alternative music scene, so when she first played Linkin Park I immediately fell in love. They were the first band I ever called “my favorite” and still do to this day, as well as being the main reason I started making music in general. I am forever inspired by all the different sounds they have used along the years. This song specifically resonates with me because during the time it was released, my family was planning on moving to a different country, and funny enough my young mind associated the lyrics to the big move, so it stuck with me (although I definitely realized what it’s really about as I grew up).

2. EDEN - Rock + Roll

I’m proud to say this is my favorite song ever. EDEN is also my favorite artist and biggest influence musically. Rock + roll describes a feeling of wanting to be a modern day rockstar while using some extremely unique production combined with amazing electric guitar sonics that I absolutely adore. Although the song plays with sentiments of hopefulness towards the future, it still gives me a huge sense of nostalgia which I am always a fan of.

3. J. Cole - Love Yourz

This one is very dear to me, as it has helped me through a large amount of tough times throughout my life. Cole raps about the value of loving what you have and how fortunate you can be to have it, which is an amazing message that I live by. Whenever I feel down, something bad has happened to me, or I’m even feeling jealous of others, this tune reminds me to appreciate my life and how lucky I am.

4. Brakence - Argyle

Another huge influence in my music is Brakence, definitely one of my idols production-wise. Came across his music for the first time just over 2 years ago so it has been fairly new to me, but I have not stopped listening since. I feel like this song in particular is some of his best work since it incorporates some midwest emo type guitars which he has fully embraced lately, combined with hard hitting 808s and those glitchy effects he is known for, all wrapped with awesome vocals. In my opinion the perfect Brakence song.

5. Aries - Ditto

Ditto is just such a one-of-a-kind song. Aries is amazing overall but something about this one makes it feel extremely special. Super energetic, the production may seem simple but there are a bunch of small things added here and there that make it sound just right. Chorus is way too catchy, I find myself jumping around to this song extremely often.

Check out 'fairytale' and the invertedA EP here:

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