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5 Songs I Love w/ Nika Taleghani

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Following the release of Nika Taleghani's new single The Cave 2.0, we caught up with her to gain some insight into the influences that make up this eclectic sound. If you like her choices, be sure to check out the track.

1. John Legend - All Of Me

Although this song was the slow song played at middle school dances, it has always carried deep in my heart. This is one of the first songs I would practice over and over again in my voice lessons. I especially love the ballads because the words have a lot of potential for a fun playful dance remix like “The Cave 2.0”.

2. Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Let’s say I am a huge Adele fan. To this day, this is one of my favorite all time songs. When it first came out, I would belt it out loud in the car with my mom driving to school. At first, I didn’t understand the lyrics of this song because I was so young but as I have grew older and more mature I realized that the lyrics resonate even stronger and with deeper meaning for me.

3. Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive

This is a track that I recently discovered. I have a very diverse music taste and this is one of the tracks that makes me feel at ease. I love how the lyrics to this song are very simple and there is a “serotonin” boaster to this song. When listening to this song, I feel like I am dancing on top of a table in Mykonos (a place that is near/dear to my heart).

4. Zeni N, Erdit Mertiri - Careless Whisper - Radio Remix

When I first heard this classic Wham hit I wasn’t the biggest fan. But this remix version changed my view completely. I must say that the lyrics for this song are just beautiful. If someone is looking for a new-unique-classic remix version, I would highly recommend this.

5. Lauren Spencer Smith - Fingers Crossed

The first time I ever listened to this song I was on a plane and I just kept playing it over and over again until my flight landed. The listener can feel the singer’s pain and longing. The ballads are simply beautiful and it is also catchy too.


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