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5 Songs I Love w/ OCNS

North Carolina-based alt-rock group OCNS have just released their latest track, "How Late It Was," an infectiously catchy take on the melancholia of after hours. Press and fans have received it warmly, with Gigwise calling it, "equal parts catchy and fun as it is calm and soothing." We sat down with OCNS to discuss where they derive their sound, and what they're listening to currently.

Get You Down - Sam Fender

It sort of sits right in the mix as far as musicality goes. It embodies that same ambience.

You Make Loving Fun - Fleetwood Mac

Has the vibes for sure...the sort of feeling of nostalgia to it.

Billie Toppy- Men I Trust

This group is an inspiration. Although we didn't write this song based on artists we listen to, we can hear how the bassline ties into their music.

New Light - John Mayer

This track could be tied in with the guitar solo. The stylistic approach is there.

Electric Indigo - The Paper Kites

As for drums, we'd throw in the Paper Kites. They're prominent for their wide drum sounds when it comes to their heavier pieces.

You can listen to "How Late It Was" across streaming platforms now.


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