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5 Songs I Love w/Peached

Following the release of their latest single 'Perfume', we caught up with Scottish rock band Peached to find out what goes into their eclectic sound. If you enjoy Peached choices be sure to check out their latest single at the end of the article.

1. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes (Ally)

"The white stripes was the first song Ally ever played on drums and potentially without it he may not have got hooked and continued to play. It’s hard to say but the song holds a place to Ally because without it he may not be a drummer at all!"

2. Digital Love by Daft Punk (Kai)

"It was my first moment of realisation that I couldn't be without music, and that my comfortable realm of technology didn’t have to be separate from the human soul of music, the delivery of the song as not only a piece but a metaphor in itself inspired me to be more than the tip of the iceberg."

3. Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson (Jack)

"The studio version of this track is a masterpiece. However, when you sit back and watch as Eric improvises an intro to his most popular track, it never fails to amaze me. Eric Johnson is a kind reminder to myself that I’ll never be finished learning the guitar. “Cliffs of Dover” brings back happy memories of setting new high scores on Guitar Hero 3 in the arcade."

4. How Did We Get So Dark? by Royal Blood (Band)

"This is one of the first songs that we played together as a band. It reminds us of when we first started, and it’s beautiful to look at what we have accomplished since then."

5. Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin (Band)

"We all love a good riff, and since Jimmy Page wrote all the best ones we had to look to Led Zeppelin. This a track that we have involved in our set, and it’s safe to say that the audience loved it. Nothing can ever stop you from head banging to “Immigrant Song”."

Listen to Perfume by Peached

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