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5 Songs I Love w/ Pshycotic Beats

Photo credit: Alfredo Arias

Pshycotic Beats has just unveiled his energising new offering 'It's About Time'. The release demonstrates his rich and dynamic artistry, which made us want to know more about the music Pshycotic Beats loves! Have a listen to his hand picked selection below and if you're a fan, be sure to check out 'It's About Time' and follow Pshycotic Beats as new music is on the horizon very soon!

1- SPARKS- Tryouts for the human race

"With a career spanning five decades and 25 albums, these two brothers have achieved one of the most bizarre careers in pop history, underrated and successful at the same time, ridiculed and adored with cult artist status and an unparalleled example of artistic integrity.They don't have bad albums, the songs are mind-blowing, the album covers. My favourite is this Giorgio Moroder-produced banger. Masterpiece.” 2-Scott Walker - Farmer in the city

"Scott walker is my biggest inspiration. I decided to stop doing instrumental tracks and start singing, composing for my second album Dormihcum a song called "Let me in" which is inspired by this wonderful song and the 4th movement of Mahler's 5th symphony. I will never sing like him, nobody will ever sing like him. String arrangements are the best thing you can add to a song. Immerse yourself in the world of Scott Walker, it will be the best thing you'll ever do." 3-IGGY POP - Mass production

"Iggy is one of my idols and he is also a great singer and a true crooner. Listen to his latest albums and you will see how magical his voice sounds today. Bowie produced this masterpiece for his bestie, The Idiot is the 4th album of Bowie's Berlin trilogy, it's fucking genius, I don't think "Sea within a sea" from The horrors would exist without this song. Those out-of-tune synthesizers that run out of batteries throughout the whole song are holy glory.” 4-SILVER APPLES - Lovefingers

"Silver Apples is one of the best kept secrets in the history of electronic music. In 1968 they started making electronic music long before Kraftwerk. They are fascinating. They were the first to use oscillators in electronic music. Check them out. My recommendation their homonymous first album.” 5- JESSIE WARE - Free Yourself

"Stuart Price is always a resounding Yes. This delightful house and disco influenced track and in my opinion the music that was played at the Paradise Garage represent a more contemporary approach to dance music than the overrated Beyoncé's basic latest album. Dua Lipa, Hercules & The Love affair or Jessie Ware are making glorious dance pop music that sounds interesting, authentic and real.”

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