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5 Songs I Love w/ Roma Rose

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Following the release of her heartfelt new single 'Fourteen', we caught up with singer-songwriter Roma Rose to find out more about the songs she loves and why! She's even included her favourite lyric from each song - what a treat!

You can listen to 'Fourteen' below but first let's see what tracks Roma Rose has hand-picked for us...

1 - Regina Spektor - Samson

One of my favourite songs ever, I think it’s totally stunning. I love the simplicity and how her vocals go from delicate and birdlike to pure strength in one line. Regina Spektor is a master storyteller (new album is wonderful) and the lyrics in this are amazing - mysterious, poetic and heartbreaking. Beaut beaut beaut.

Fav lyric - “and the history books forgot about us and the bible didn’t mention us, not even once”

2 - Phoebe Bridgers - Garden Song

Phoebe Bridgers is my current obsession. Love so many of her songs but If I had to choose one right now, it would be garden song. I love the haunting yet angelic production, especially the low rumbling voice underneath hers - such a lush texture. Lyrically, it’s complicated, intricate, dark and mystical. The kind of song you can dream into and find your own meaning.

Fav lyric - “the doctor put her hands over my liver, she told me my resentment’s getting smaller”

3 - Daughter - Youth

Wow I’m really loving to a lot of soft sad songs at the moment! This is an old favourite of mine, but I come back to it regularly. The electric guitar riff at the start just makes me want to cry every time I hear it. Her voice is perfection. A song steeped in nostalgia.

Fav lyric - “Setting fire to our insides for fun, collecting names of the lovers that went wrong”

4 - Nerina Pallot - If I had a Girl

I love Nerina Pallot (Sophia is also a big favourite). I first listened to this song when I was pregnant and found out I was having a girl. It’s anthemic, angry and rousing. A modern day protest song. Love how it builds, the bluesy vibes and the lyrics -which are direct and confronting.

Fav lyric - “And one thing you don’t see, there ain’t no d*cks on page three”

5 - Jensen McRae - Wolves

I love the lo-fi guitar and the simplicity of the song that lets the story sit up front. Her voice is effortless, vulnerable and every lyric is felt. Her music really stays with you. I came across this artist on instagram during lockdown. I honestly don’t know how she isn’t more well known and think (hope!) she is someone we will see blow up very soon. Also listen to the plague and white boy.

Fav lyric - “He smiled and howled in the same moment. It knocked the wind right out of me.”

Watch the lyric video for 'Fourteen' by Roma Rose now:

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