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5 Songs I Love w/ Ronan Andrews

Ronan Andrews

Denver's rising star, Ronan Andrews, is quickly gaining a following with his high-energy performances and infectious, groove-filled sound. Following his acclaimed debut EP, 'Quarter Life Crisis,' he returns with his dynamic rock anthem on love, 'Way to Your Heart.' We wanted to know which five songs most inspire and connect with Ronan Andrews.

1. Steve Lacy - RYD / DARK RED

This was the first time I had come across Steve Lacy’s music. I was perusing the YouTube rabbit hole and stumbled upon this music video. I immediately fell in love with his sound and voice. It’s a very distinct style he has, that lofi demo-type sound. But the melody and different sections throughout DARK RED especially hit hard. I love the end of the song where the bass guitar loops this descending line, the vocal harmonies that come in are super tasteful. This mashup video kickstarted a strong affinity for indie/alternative pop R&B music that’s influenced my writing in big ways.

2. Kamasi Washington - Street Fighter Mas

I was already a massive Kamasi fan before this song came out. I was highly anticipating

his 2019 album ‘Heaven and Earth’, which this song was a part of. Everything about this

song just screams EPIC in my opinion. The fat groove in the beginning, with the drum

break and synth bass, sets the listener up for the incredibly moving Choral section that

follows shortly after. With Kamasi’s awesome saxophone solo coupled with the

trombone and trumpet solo, this song just goes so hard. It’s a great song that I play in

the background all the time. I'm always reminded how good it is when I stop what I’m

doing to just listen and enjoy it.

3. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - The River

This song is the epitome of easy listening. It’s 10 minutes of pure music bliss in my opinion. The guitar groove, coupled with the vocal melody, is fantastic. The melody gets stuck in my head all the time, I constantly find myself humming it. The odd time signature 7/8 adds a different element as well. I feel that some songs that try and incorporate an odd signature will try to force it in sometimes. King Gizzard does such a great job of using odd time signatures in a natural way that grooves just as well as any 4/4 song.

4. Hiatus Kaiyote - Nakamura

I was first introduced to this song when I attended a music summer camp. I was in the R&B ensemble, and one of the songs we chose to play was this one. The luscious chord progression and keyboard work immediately drew me to be a keyboardist myself. Nai Palm's smooth, soulful vocal performance impressed me so much that I checked out the

rest of their catalog shortly after hearing Nakamura. This song introduced me to the

genre of Neo Soul and other great artists like Eryka Badu, D’Angelo, and Lauryn Hill.

5. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So Good at Being in Trouble

I came across UMO in 2015 when one of their songs was in a Fifa soundtrack. Immediately, my ears perked up when the smooth guitar tone and lofi vocals came through. I had to pause my game and look up this band. ‘So Good at Being in Trouble’ was the first song to pop up. The bass and guitar melody of that song hooked me instantly. When the chorus hit, I fell in love even more with this song. The hook of this song is so catchy, and it’s one of those songs that I never get sick of listening to.

Don't forget to stream 'Way to Your Heart' and connect with Ronan Andrews on Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify.

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